What Is YOUR Maximum Amount of Deaths Before Giving Up?

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When making a base, you often have to make it difficult, but not too difficult, otherwise people give up. I find that people often give up past a certain amount of time and/or deaths.

On Dangerous/Normal, people give up past 6-7 deaths; for Brutal, people give up past 20+ deaths. I mean, I could calculate the actual average but based on the replays Ive seen, I can say it's a rough estimate.

Of course, you've read the title, you know why I made this discussion, to ask YOU, the community, what is your average/maximum amount of deaths before you give up?


  • magic1236
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    only Two things can make me “give up”

    1. I am taken out of the game for X factor. Such as crash, power outage, etc. and I can’t go back into the raid
    2. friend pops on and wants to play so back out to invite him so then we can both do the raid.

    my apologies that this dose not really answer your question. I am just stubborn XD ya I try not to give up unless I am force to for any reason. Don’t want to give that “satisfaction” of the person thinking I rage quit or something. And don’t mind giving them the satisfaction of getting so many kills off me 😅

  • Dreamnomad
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    For me it is far less to do with number of deaths and has everything to do with time and frustration levels. I could care less if I die 100 times as long as I'm having fun and it doesn't take too long. Generally speaking, I play on brutal difficulty and typically clear the missions with around 0-5 deaths. If I walk in and can instantly tell this mission is absurd then I'll just abandon it and move on. If I see a dozen+ plasma orbs with the cloud mod on it or a room full of opaque plasma cubes on it then I'm out. If someone has a piston killing the harvester and the path isn't obvious, I'm out.

  • Darkyan
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    I'll throw myself at the outpost full speed for the first death, then explore the possibilities, throw myself at it a different way and then finally do it for real carefully on the third try.

    If I encounter any frustating bs after that like 15 warmongers rushing at me in a 1x10 hallway with grenadiers and pistons or a blocked tomb, i'll leave then.

    My average is around 6 Death before leaving/completing the outpost.

  • zbord
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    If ranks weren't involved I'd probably go at one until successfully completing it. Or until I get so frustrated the controller goes flying. Thankfully it has been a long time since I've gotten to that point in any game. My usual on any type is 4-6 and still giving accolades. If I come across one that is "cheap" I leave on first death or sometimes even before without giving accolades.

  • wydyadoit
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    i won't give up until i beat it. i've dropped well over a hundred deaths on a base when i was new to the game. and i don't regret it at all. i learned so much. so so much.

  • MadMoeZel
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    i don't quit maps ever. quitting means i didn't learn the weakness of the layout. my drive it to get better and stronger with every raid. my highest death count is 47 thus far.

  • MythicMikeneto
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    Double digits (less than 10)is my usual limit; unless I think I can beat it and I am just making dumb mistakes.

    Time is a factor too. If it takes me 15 cautious minute to get to gen mat, to die to a burtal combo on the way out, I may not find it worth to complete.

    I always make sure to proper abondon rather than 'alt+f4' though. You win, take my kill; Ill pack my thing and go.

    Once I hit master I will prbably significantly care less. I'll not never achive a high enough space in the leaderboards to care about that, but re leveling trying to get to master sucks.

    On the flip sid:e watching a 10+ kill replay goes from entertaining, to rooting for the raider, to painful to watch. I had a 28 kill replay and I felt ilke a monster for making the base after their 15th death.

  • MadMoeZel
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    a friend of mine TRIED to derank from master, actively dying or quitting and failed to do so. so as far as i understand (i did not personally confirm and have no 2nd data point) it shouldn't be possible to lose master once acquired. (this doesn't seem to be the case with silver/gold)

  • LordRaidenCR
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    I have died like 68times LOL.

    I have completed Outposts that were somehow categorized as "Normal" where I died 48 times.

    Sometimes diying so many times, makes me think I'm doing something wrong, and makes it feel like a challenge, but if I can't simply completed, I will just quit and not rate it, just continue to other ones.

  • MadMoeZel
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    a lot. like.... a lot.

  • MythicMikeneto
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    Lol this has aged well.

    Now that I have hit master, the desire to climb the leaderboards has taken over. Yes, I know most think the leaderboard is pointless and that doesnt mean anything to them; and I don't care.

    That little number measuring my time dedicated to this game in comparison to every other master ranked MYM player in the world, has basically become my only reason to raid. (130 and climbing)

    Regretably this means my death before abandon has dropped from less that 10 to less than 3 (and lower by difficulty). I will finish an oupost if I think I can do it in a timely manner (10 minutes or less) even after death 3 (0 rank gain) just to finish it; but generally I am heavily weighing if its even wirth my time because without rank gain. I am not really getting much out of the mediocre builds people are putting out there.

    Synthite? Sure. Sitting with 10k+ in pocket easily maintaining 5 active outposts, not feeling a ton of value there.

    Fun game play? Sometimes. 20 guards a base, or plasma sentinel spam, or the same old death hallways are getting kinda stale; but it gives me something to do.

    Generally if somebody got more than 3 kills of my raid its because I was actually enjoying the raid and felt the need to complete it without reward. Whether it was a challenge the offered or I was just dying stupidly to an impaler I missed over and over again; I found some value to give into the need to complete the outpost, regardless of deaths.

    If I bounced out after 3 (or less), it didnt feel worth my time.

  • TragicSolitude
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    Number of deaths is unimportant. It's whether or not I'm having fun that matters.

    However, I did quit numerous bases last night after the first death. Not because I didn't want to try again, but because the loading screen to reset the base was so goddamn long that I just said "Screw it" and closed the game. After a few times of that I turned MYM off completely. I have no desire to sit around spending more time on the loading screen between deaths than actually raiding the Outpost. I can live with it taking a while to load the base the first time, but after that? No, I'm not sitting on that screen for 5+ minutes again.