What If You Could BUY More Raiders?

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Okay, okay, before anyone loses their minds, the thread title is a little bit of click bait. I'm not talking about anything so crass as paying a monthly fee for a premium service that promotes your outposts. I think we can all agree that would be a disaster so let's not even talk about it.

"But if you aren't going to buy raiders with money then what would you pay with?" Glad you asked. What I'm recommending is a trade of labor. What if once you successfully raid an outpost then one of your outposts (of equal or lower difficulty) would be bumped up the queue until it is successfully raided or abandoned twice?

Therefore there would be a system in place where you gain raiders by raiding thus creating a self sufficient system.


  • hastarkis
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    Technically it is already implemented. You need to raid several outposts (five-seven if lucky) to get several raids on one of yours (to earn enough synth to prestige and activate, and then you get special matchmaking boost untill first raids). It forces builders to raid (to earn synth) while pure raiders can raid as much as they want sitting on a huge mountain of resources they don't really spend.

    And you want to add another "currency" to earn for builders, which pure raiders will stack up in a corner with no use. Just why.

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    so let me get this straight, they remove a system of matchmaking that rewards active players who clean their maps up every 2-3 hours. then you suggest they impliment a system that makes how many raids you get directly related to how much time you spend in the game raiding, when building takes hours and raids take minutes? do you have to successfully get out with genmat for that raid to count? or can i just use the new no penalty for leaving system to go in and quit to get my base raided more?

    is it based on quantity of raids? if so that leads to normal spamming, is it based of difficulty? maybe that could get more brutal activity POSSIBLY but i doubt it.

    i think the players who are online at a given time should have priority for raids received.

  • Nahasno
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    Maybe there is a way to implement something like that but it would have to be more a reward system for sucessfull retrieve of genmat. Maybe a feature that lets the outpost owner set an amount of genmat/synth he is willing to grant for sucessfull clear. Syth would starve the economy even more, genmat - could be possible economy wise but the amount can't be to high.

    Btw. if you raid an overdrive outpost - the owner loses the genmat already - but get's the raider that amount more or does it go into nirvana like the outpost prestige after rank 10? Because that would be exactly that. But on the other side i can't really see if an outpost is in overdrive when i select a raid, or does the suit buff give that info to and i didn't see it?

  • MadMoeZel
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    the ability to offer a bait bounty as a builder would be nice, or to have an entrance fee that contributes to a jackpot and first person to beat it claims the bounty or the collected jackpot.

  • Seraphor
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    Maybe there should be a Boost that increases outpost visibility by 50% or something. (basically 'rolling back' and 'slowing down' your decaying raid priority by half) That could give you up to 6 hours of increased traffic, and you can refresh it every 6 hours. Seems like a decent middle ground to the 'clean up every hour' problem.

    Considering the Guard 'Prestige' boost is now virtually useless because 100-200 points isn't an issue anymore (I got 1000 from one cycle so that outpost is set), so could replace, or be added to that.

  • Dreamnomad
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    Overdrive gen mat loss is just gone. The raider doesn't get it. Pretty sure the raider doesn't even have a way to know that the outpost was in overdrive.

  • Dreamnomad
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    Well by my suggestion it would be based on the difficulty of the raid you successfully finished. If you spam normal raids then that will only get your normal difficulty outposts raids. By having players do raids to earn raiders it is like a fire that fuels itself.

  • MadMoeZel
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    you said equal or lower, meaning i could run brutals and my normal gets bumped. do i get to pick which of my outposts gets the boost? do i have to turn off all but one to control that?

    "it would be based on the difficulty of the raid you successfully finished." so this means that a builder who is better at building than raiding can't get priority attention on their brutal bases if they aren't good enough to clear one made by someone else. i doubt the devs would back that. it also means that only the good raiders will have brutal bases eventually, it leads to a feedback loop where your brutal only gets raided if you complete brutals, meaning only the top raiders brutal bases will regularly get raids, and that isn't in any way based off the quality of the outpost they built, that won't in any way feel good to the builders in the long term, and will lead to an increasing skill floor in difficulty that the game seems to be trying to avoid based on the last patch.

  • MythicMikeneto
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    As much as I want to supoort this (being an active raider) I dont see it ebing a 'popular concwpt wirh the community, here is why:

    Builder only. The concept that people want to only build means that tgwy again would have more being 'forced to raid' which they appear to be vehemently against.

    Active raiders gain all the advantage. As self serving as that is for me, othe rlkayers my not have the time to dedicate to this game just so they can get a couple raids on their active outpost.

    Limitations or no? If there is no limit to how many/how often the boost can be gained, as an active raider I can boost my bases indefiinately. Of it is limited everyone gets their limit: either way once all outposts are 'boosted', non of them are.

    Fair versus favoritism: this is the root of the matter, everyone wanst thier base to get all the raids as fast as possible. There can only be 15-18 outposts exposed to a raider per outpost selecting screen and only 1 selected, that effevtively means 'if you arent first, you're last'.

    This whole suggestion appears to be based in building a system that allows player in some way to make their outposts more imporatnt than anyone elses. If an outpost gets a raid, that means that outpost took that raid away from every other builder; then another, and another.

    The problem? Lack of raids. Why is there a lack of raids, a reasource that should be bottomless? Let's circle back to the 'builder only' comcept. Many dont want to raid. Some have just burned out. Some find it too hard. For whatever reason raiders retire to building and often dont go back.

    I get the idea of wanting to incentivize raiding; I don't think any realistic incentive is going to beat a flat 0 desire to play the raid half of the gameThe community has already voiced its opinion about not wanting to be 'forced' to raid.

    If builds ever become self suatinable (somehow without raids), I think that will further reduce the raids we are spreading around to each other.

    In an extreme view, I would like to see a 5-9 completed raid requirement to even begin to get raids in active outposts; possibly daily, possibly a currency you load into your outpost to make them active (maybe even to prestige them).

    Oh wait, thats basically synthite with extra steps. Lol.