Bomb Ejector

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So I've figured out how to effectively use pretty much every trap in the game at this point. One trap still eludes me in how to use it though, and that's the bomb ejector. Most uses I see of it in outposts it can be pretty easily avoided by running in the direction you came from.

So I wanted to ask how you all would recommend using the bomb ejector. Is this a trap that should be used with the intent of getting kills, or just as a distraction to make raiders panic with? What have you all done to get good use out of it?


  • MadMoeZel
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    use it on a fake path behind a room people often rush. make the fake path seem obvious and real, make it turn a tight corner and go nowhere and as they round the corner they trip the bombs and the bombs follow them in and bounce back off the tight turn.

    in the floor under a holo block in a fight room to make the ground unsafe against enemies like hornets or with elevated fire on the walls.

  • MythicMikeneto
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    Aim a bomb ejector down a ramp with a ramp up behind them can slow their 'run away'.

    Partially obscured bombs ejectors high up have proven effective.

    Dont give them much room to run/get away or use chaos bombs augment to extend less than predictable bomb bounce range.

    I find they work best when you can get the bomb ejector to activate behind a raider so the have to move forward instead of back. Generally speaking, moving forward into unkown active traps poses more danger than backwards into a hallway/room that was already cleared.

    Crawling raiders have a hard time with being rushed, rushing raiders may have difficulties with the randomness of the bombs following them into the next area.

    Prepared raiders with just pop/drop a shield and wait for the bombs to resolve themselves.

  • hastarkis
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    There is creative geometry setup when bomb ejector has triangle thing under it to divide bombs into two groups. First one drops right on top of the raider and second one is going slightly back with a slope shaped vent: so raiders with "running to where you came from" instinct still get bombs on their head and can't avoid explosion.

    But you have to make high ceiling (2-3 blocks), cover "activation" drop with eagle eye holocube (because of high ceiling) and mask "back drop vent" with normal holocube (so this back drop gap with trap itself don't be spotted too early before even active). If well hidden/placed it works pretty good, even on its own. Probably can catch speed runners too with some geometry alternations and trap combos.

    Chaos bombs are the best.

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    Most builders drop bombs from above, and use slanted terrain to make them bounce after the player when the player panics and runs.

    I discovered a clever and hilarious usage though.

    I put a normal holocube with no enhancements on it, put a bomb ejector at the back of it, and then make an armored warmonger back itself into the holocube and stand guard.

    Even if they're good and they notice the holocube, their bolt hits the warmonger's armor while the bomb ejector is swarming them with bomblets. Even if they master the encounter and learn to kill the bomb ejector immediately after the warmonger, they still have to do it perfect every time to prevent it from ejecting bombs.

    I've watched players master this and then still slightly get their timing off and still die to it on subsequent runs, lol it's hilarious! Or sometimes in their rush to kill the bomb ejector, they fail to kill the warmonger and it gets them right after. (Obviously these are the players who go into it with no grenades and no equipment and are forced to try it with their starting weapons.)