No Visitors after rebuild

TheOnly123 Member Posts: 1

I rebuild an Outpost on Prestige 4 because I didn't like it.

After the rebuild I got not a single visitor into the Outpost.

I reactivated it now the third time without any player.

How am I supposed to prestige without raider?


  • rootisonfire
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    1. Make your Outpost stand out: Experiment with different designs to attract raiders. Avoid a deathbox design, as some players may skip it. Remember raiders get a snapshot of your levels layout when looking over which outpost to pick. The length of your HRV path may also be a factor. So experiment what works better.
    2. Visit other players' Outposts: Engage with the community, raid other bases, and level up while you wait for raiders to visit yours, see which level designs you like the most.
    3. Be patient: Attracting raiders can take time, so don't get discouraged. Keep practicing and leveling up.
    4. Share your design: Consider sharing your Outpost design as social on the forums and with fellow players who play for feedback and suggestions before pushing it to active or overdrive.

    It's frustrating to go through three rebuilds without any visitors, and I'm sorry you experienced that. Feel free to share your handle, and push it to social and someone from the community may try out your design and provide some initial feedback. Good luck!

  • MadMoeZel
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    it's because of who the playerbase is. they target XP maps. any map i put up in normal gets less than 1/3rd the raids of any SINGLE xp map.

  • Nahasno
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    I reactivated a big brutal from before the last patches it was a Rank 3 and i couldn't get enough raids/kills to rank it up further before the changes in the prestige system...

    So I made a "Dragon" a toothy maw - where you enter and are greeted by six flamers then you go on and come to the "belly" where there is a killbox room.

    Interestingly enough today it's got mastered but....

    First you can see that head on the thumb but many people joinend and got annoyed by the 6 flamers in the entrance which you can acutally bypass by just jumping down the "gullet".

    1. It's a fu.... Dragon it has to spit fire!
    2. It's a big BRUTAL don't join those for the EASY grind
    3. More than half the people who cleared it gave accolades

    But it still only got one "raid boost" (3-10 Raids) in one genmat cycle in 18!! hours mostly 1-2 hours after activation then nothing and i tried both raiding much and not raiding... it did'nt make a difference. The same for small and medium outposts this is the reason for the dearth on non-xp outposts. AND sry i wont raid x times to just hold my outposts in rotation and get overall less raids back.

    There is literally not enough destinction between casual and "pro" gaming, the difficulty setting as it is, is a joke.

    And the rewards are too, because there is no difference between the outposts sizes in a difficultybracket. Why should i join a big map which can have 10-30 min clear time, if i can join a small map with 1-10 min clear time and i get the same rewards for both? The crypts don't make a diffrence because in the time i play one big map, i can play 2-3 small maps so the amount of mats by tombs are the same.

    There are players out there that would give a small outpost in normal a "brutal" accolade, because - yeah there are three warmongers in a one tile wide corridor, which will come at you.

    Others see such a setup as artistic, fun and ingenius while another one would find it boring and give no accolades.

    Instead of the botchy accolade system just make it possible for the builder to see how many possible raiders the outpost could have had. By just counting the number of times in pops up in anyones raidselection. Then at least we would have a measurement how many possible raids the outpost has "lost".

    If you think about it it's actually normal player behavior and i don't get why a company with the word in the name doesn't get that.

    If you make a level (in this case the outposts) based game and give it three difficulty settings with a very wide definition of each setting. AND then give the players additionally the option to skip levels without penalty, at least 90% of the playerbase will tend to "try&skip" play through the game which will cause that many maps are played only marginally by a large percentage of the playerbase.

    Then there is the problem that number the building options in this game are relatively small which leads to repetive outpost design. Just the fact that you can't build on all sides of a halftile block and all building elements have straight lines curbs the amount of possible designs very much. Then there is the fact that you have only so many traps and only very few of them have unlimited ammo. So there are traps combinations that make sense (like stomper/flamer) and some that do not make so much sense like bolthrower/stomper frist because the bolter can only max shootr twice and the bolts can damge the stomper trap while the flamer can fire till it's destroyed and doesn't harm the stomper. So the wohle game tends to be highly repetitive and people seem to get into farming mode even if they don't need to. And what of all the gamers who already got to highest ranking are they really encouraged to play any further then or do they drop out because well boredom?

    Other games have and "endgame" contend, this is missing here - except you want to see a fully kitted out raider in the same raids as before as same. We are content creators AND gamers at the same time that has to generate differences in opinion.

    And then there is the fact that the overbearing part of evry comunity are players which tend to just play the game and don't use any forums or discord - they max go youtube/twich or whatever for ideas/ fun-watching that's it.