Things I'd Do To This Game If I Was In Charge

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This is more or less a compilation of various threads I've started or ideas I've posted somewhere. Some of the ideas I've fleshed out a little more.

Addressing the Issue of Too Few Raids Per Outpost:

First thing I would address is the issue of too little peanut butter being spread over too much bread. (raiders are the peanut butter and outposts are the bread) I would take a two fold approach to the issue.

  • Limit active outposts to 2 per player +1 legendary (rank 10 retired outpost) which can only be recharged with gen mat once every 14 days.
  • Reward active raiders with raids on their outposts. If you want extra raiders then all you have to do is successfully raid other outposts. For each successful raid, you have one of your active outposts of equal or lower difficulty pushed to the top of the queue until you have either a successful raid or 2 abandonments. Using my previous metaphor you become the peanut butter to spread over your own bread.

Increase Synthite Acquisition Rates:

I would do this through a number of different ways.

  • Increase the daily bonus from 250 to 750.
  • Offer a 25% refund of synthite spent on an outpost when it is destroyed.
  • Offer a bonus of synthite to level 10 outposts that have been retired based on how much excess prestige the outpost earned. There would be a cap on the amount of extra synthite earned this way. Probably around 1500 to 2000 max.
  • Allow players to exchange resources at a loss. For example you could buy 100 X resource for 250 Y resource.

Introduce Hall of Fame Outposts:

I've been thinking it would be great if particularly amazing outposts could be archived and permanently accessible to the community. An outpost hall of fame so to speak. The way I would do it is to create an additional button when given the option to give accolades. The new button would be something like "Nominate". Raiders would be restricted to only being able to nominate one outpost per day. If a raider really wants to nominate additional outpost in a given day then it would cost resources. (100 cells for 2nd nomination and double for each one after)

Then each month the game devs would review the outposts with the largest number of nominations and select a small number of them to add to the highlighted outpost section. Players could raid those outposts as many times as they want, but they will only be able to get the gen mat a single time. The outpost builder would gain some kind of bonus in terms of resources as well as the honor and fame of having their name attached to an outpost that is permanently part of the game.

I think everyone wins with a system like this. Builders gain a source of inspiration as well as an awesome goal to achieve. Raiders have a place to raid some very inspired and amazing outposts. The game devs have an additional tool to interact with the community as well as an additional draw to the game.

Display Player Stats:

I would add multiple ways to display player stats. One would be somewhere in your command center. The other would be to add a monitor at the beginning of each outpost where raiders can see the builders stats. The builder would obviously have the option to make this information private or limited to what stats they want to display.

The outpost monitor would display the stats of that particular outpost (raids, kills, kills per raid, accolades) on one monitor and the builders raider stats on another monitor. I think this would give players a little more interaction with each other. Raider stats would include things like number of successful raids at each difficulty level. Number of deaths. Average raid completion time. Average raid deaths. Which trap killed the raider a given number of times.

Make Management of Outposts Easier:

It is a hassle to have to load an outpost just to activate or deactivate. I would make it so players can handle all of these things from the command center. I would also give players the option to set how long they want an outpost to be active for.

Introduce New Equipment Over Time:

Sticky Grenades - Everyone knows what these are. They are in just about every FPS game. Would be a great addition here against rooftop traps and the like.

Ammo Restock - Ever come up against a base designed to eat your bolts? An equipment that returned all spent bolts back to your magazine would be great.

Teleporter - Just another safety net option. Throw the device down and then when you are in trouble activate to teleport back to the device. Similar to Phoenix pod but you don't have to die first. Obviously this would have to self-destruct when picking up gen mat. Why not just use Phoenix Pod? There should be some advantage to the higher risk like 2 charges or something.

Drone - Want to quickly scout an outpost? Flying equipment that doesn't trigger traps. Explodes after 9 seconds. Capacity of one.

Remote Control Car - Harvey died and you're sad? Drop a single use remote control car that automatically follows HRV path. Triggers traps and guards. (moves faster than HRV but slower than player run). Explodes on death or after 12 seconds.

Plastic Explosives or Satchel - Small room full of stuff giving you trouble? Short throw range, detonates upon activation, large explosive range. Run in, toss satchel, run out and explode from safety.

Introduce New Custodian:

So we have a ranged specialist and a melee specialist, I'd like the next custodian to be a hybrid specialist. Something like:

  • Whenever you destroy a trap or guardian with a ranged weapon gain a shield that lasts for 1.5 seconds. Cooldown 12/10/8 seconds. (shares cooldown with arc shield)
  • Whenever you destroy a trap or guardian with a melee weapon return a missing bolt fired to your ranged weapon. Cooldown 10/5/1 second(s).
  • After destroying a trap or guardian with both a ranged and melee weapon create an explosion centered around your body that doesn't harm you. Cooldown 12/10/8 seconds.

This would support a "run and gun" style of playing that I think many would enjoy.


  • MadMoeZel
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    "Whenever you destroy a trap or guardian with a ranged weapon gain a shield that lasts for 1.5 seconds. Cooldown 12/10/8 seconds. (shares cooldown with arc shield)" this is an unlockable weapon as a biolink."

    i think this is much too strong

    "Whenever you destroy a trap or guardian with a melee weapon return a missing bolt fired to your ranged weapon. Cooldown 10/5/1 second(s)."

    we already have a bug where people can get ammo through solid objects, this is that on steroids.

  • Dreamnomad
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    I've seen you mention a number of times about the "bug" of raiders retrieving bolts through solid objects. What exactly makes you think that is a bug and not intended? I've never seen any line of text anywhere that requires having line of sight to retrieve bolts. It's purely proximity based.

    Anyway, I don't think you are being very objective with your criticism anyway. You don't seem to be accounting for the fact that you would need both a melee and a ranged weapon equipped to use the bolt retrieval feature. That in and of itself is a large handicap. That means no double range items as well as no arc barrier. That also means putting yourself in harms way to get a melee kill to get a bolt back. I think it's perfectly fair.

  • MadMoeZel
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    "What exactly makes you think that is a bug and not intended?" it's called "Magnetic hands" magnets that would pull a shot through a wall would do so with so much force you'd either be impaled, or be dealing with shrapnel from the wall it just rocketed through to get back to you. once again, this is an application of logic.

    much like the application of logic that one way doors are a bug because you can fit through every other configuration of them.

    "it never said it needed X" thats a bad argument, "They didn't say i had to feed the baby"

    i can point to my masquerade post "" which depicts something explicitly describing it's actions and them not working as described. yet people are say that it's working as intended.

    ammo recover doesn't say that it DOESN'T need line of sight either.

    a magnet wouldn't need line of sight to affect your bolt, but you'd need it to pick it back up and load it.

    i'd argue magnetic should drag your bolt if you're in range and if you get LOS it'll pick it up if it's still in range.

    in your eyes raiders can do no wrong. they can pick up physical projectiles through solid objects, they can revive someone who's on the other side of a wall from them, they can use an invisible wall to prevent enemies from pursuing them while they can safely attack those same enemies.

    you defend all that as intended.

    but if a builder makes a 1 way door, that's an exploit. if a builder freezes harvey (or kills them in many peoples eyes) that's an exploit. if a builder used 2nd wave acid targeting in the past, exploit.

    a conditional, only active during part 2 of the outpost, counter-playable interaction. called an exploit

    but you're defending a 100% uptime ability to negate setups that are designed to introduce economic choice. builders are forced to bear the brunt of raider's issues every time. builders have to multi-layer walls to stop raiders from exploiting ammo through walls. builders have to multi-layer hallways and rooms to stop raiders from exploiting to revive their teammate from safety. builders have to adapt to everything.

    acid targeting got removed. tell me one thing that raiders have had removed or changed because of the builder side of the game, just one. i'll wait.

    and i know you think the raider can't be wrong and the builder is always at fault.

  • Dreamnomad
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    Okay, so the short answer is you are assuming that it is a bug.

  • MadMoeZel
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    edited May 19

    i'm assuming that anything that involves an interaction with something you can not see/touch that reloads your weapon or revives a player or destroys a trap/guard(excluding bounced grenades) is a bug/exploit. yes.

  • drsoontm
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    The part about outpost visits makes sense.

    I didn't read the rest as I don't care that much about the game anymore until visits are fixed.