New Trap - Magnetic Attraction Mechanism

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the Magnetic Attraction Mechanism M.A.M. creates a magnetic field that draws in projectiles until destroyed.

it will apply a force to all projectiles causing them to curve towards the trap, once the trap is destroyed this effect stops.

Having more than 1 M.A.M. within a single activation radius will cause all to power down until one remains, causing it to activate.


second wave- cost 5 - (self explanatory)

Blind spot - cost 5 - lowers the range of the magnetic field

Omniscient - cost 15 - Increases the range of the magnetic field

Superconductor - cost 20 - Increases the potency of the fields effect on projectiles

Short Circuit - cost 5 - Trap periodically turns off and on allowing multiple M.A.M. in tight spaces to function in an unpredictable manner


  • Dreamnomad
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    I'll be honest. I hate this idea. It completely breaks the balance of the game. It might as well say "raiders can't use bolts". Picture the following set up. Flame trap with two diagonal blocks in front of it so there is only small triangle opening to hit it. Then you place magnetic trap below it in a way that the magnetic field pulls bolts down but the bolts don't actually hit the magnetic trap. Now you have a repeatable trap that is virtually impossible to kill. Can't hit it with bolts, can't get close enough to break with melee. What the hell is the raider supposed to do? This would be both unfun and unfair.

  • MadMoeZel
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    you're still worried about a trap that has 8/9ths of it's face covered by blocks. it is an ignorable setup that doesn't require a shot. just walk down the edge of the wall, shoot the MAM, shoot fire, one way door was removed.

    or just aim higher to account for the additional drop.

    it also affects guard shots, bolt shots, bombs, and possibly plasma.

    the clever raider uses this trap to shoot danger from a safe place by utilizing the bend it causes.

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