Moving platform for HRV and Teleport

CcPicci Member Posts: 23

I don't know if those two addition can be implemented or not due to some reason, but It would be cool if HRV could use some platform to move on up and down, left or right. I Imagine this like a platform used only by HRV, maybe activated with a tool and a proper animation. The platform moves slowly, it connects multi level paths to follow, without breaking any level rule.

I Imagine Teleport used by Raiders, to connect multi leveled spaces, adding more variety to map solutions. Useful for secreta area and challenging rooms. A Teleport mod could Teleport also trap projectiles.. even if I think Is hard to implement.


  • MadMoeZel
    MadMoeZel Member Posts: 487

    not sure i'm a fan of the teleport function but elevators would be nice.

  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,087

    I think it's a cool concept but I would be concerned about balance issues. What's to stop base builders from putting in teleporters and just forcing raiders into the middle of a kill box? There is a 3 second delay on traps activating from second wave augments for a reason. Perhaps if a raider uses a teleporter then all traps/guards on the map are stunned for 3-4 seconds. That might be reasonable. Would need some tweaking for multiplayer so they don't get 6-8 consecutive seconds of stuns. I also am concerned about the application of teleporters into maze settings.

  • Amaroq64
    Amaroq64 Member Posts: 40

    I like the requirement that harvey has to be able to path to the destination during build mode for the map to be valid, as a check on what kind of shenanigans builders can pull on the player.

    I wouldn't mind the ability to put something like an up arrow against a wall block that lets harvey walk up the wall, as long as it's in a straight line and has a ledge on top that he reaches and then continues walking normally.

  • TheJerseyKid392
    TheJerseyKid392 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 9

    I agree with the idea of Harvey needing to be able to path to separate areas. That way players have to use their grapple more. I spoke to my cousin about this idea. Even if it's within a radius of 6 blocks away, it would add depth to the game that is needed currently to keep players involved.

  • Nahasno
    Nahasno Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 47

    Well the teleport optionwould be nice but is difficult and why should only raiders be able to use them?

    If guardmobs could use them to that would be niffty of course the trap/block would have to be designed in a way that defines the usage to a narrow margin.

    What i would prefer is an option for builders to change the placement of the genmat and or tombs at the start of the map sometimes the genmat is positioned that the hrv- pathing is very difficult if you don't want it to be just a straight line.

  • CcPicci
    CcPicci Member Posts: 23

    The Teleport solutions can be potentially limited for game mechanics or rules. Even for HRV even for traps disposition or guards behaviour to respect. Sad but true.