Trap Augments That Need Improved

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Lets be honest, there are a couple duds out there not worth using. The flame trap explosion augment is a good example. It is extremely rare to find these in the wild. About the only thing worth mentioning about this trap is that the audio cue can be disorienting to a raider. But the explosive range is laughably small and the delay before the explosion is really long. A raider has to basically be hugging the flame trap to die to the explosion. Just increase the range a little and decrease the delay by .5 to 1 second.

The corrosive cube splash augment is awful too. The concept is good but the implementation is lacking. The way it currently works when the cube is hit with a bolt there are these acid blobs that shoot out into the surrounding tiles. The blobs act like acid requiring the raider to be exposed for a duration before killing them. But who is just going to stand around in acid without moving? What I would like to see happen is for there to be a blast of acid shoot out in a spherical pattern 75% length of a tile each time a bolt hits it. Then if a raider is hit with 3 splashes within 2 seconds then it kills the raider. I think 3 is the right number since a single bolt passing through 2 acid cubes would be too easy to achieve.

What other augments would you never use?


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    splatter's value is that it persists inside dome shields and lasts longer than the arm shield. though they need to change it so it fires the blob opposite the shot that struck it rather than out at a perpendicular angle to the face struck. it also needs to have an interaction with boltshot so that bolters can spray acid like every other projectile. splatter also has value any time you can convince a raider to grapple THROUGH it. it works well as a ceiling with guards that have to lob shots down a long all so that splatter rains down in multiple sections.

    admittedly it took me about a month and a half to find value in splatter and they had to patch it. it wasn't working at all with plasma shots and hardened skin had like a 5% chance of giving you splatter, it's been patched but is still buggy with inconsistent splattering when hit that seems based either on location cube is struck, angle it's struck at, or how many times in a short period it's been shot. further testing is needed to verify.

    eruption however is absolute garbage and i've only found ONE situation it can be used to get a kill and all they have to do to STOP ERUPTIONS EXPLOSION is shoot the trap. a simple QOL improvement would be making eruption finish going off even if the trap is broken.

    edit -

    somehow i missed your proposed splatter change. i'm against that particular mechanic due to how easy it is to stack guards in a room to mass trigger splatter, a bomb trap would almost guarenteee a death due to multiple splatters. i think the correct way to go is increasing the size of the puddle splatter leaves so it's harder to avoid, possibly the projectile should get the same treatment.

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    Oh yeah, I definitely agree that the flame explosion should still trigger if the trap is destroyed just like the impaler. Do you have an outpost on social where you think the corrosive cube with splash is effective? I'd like to see what you've come up with.

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    i don't have one built atm. it's best interactions are with guards and i tend to use very few of them in my designs.