Exploring Alternative Trap Ideas: Enhancing Gameplay with Non-Moving Building Block Mechanics

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Hello everyone! I wanted to kick off this discussion by sharing a previous forum conversation that got me thinking about the importance of diversifying trap mechanics, particularly those that affect movement. The link is embedded above for reference.

While the idea of moving walls as traps certainly has its appeal, the complexities and potential complications raised in that discussion made me brainstorm alternative solutions that can add excitement and strategic depth to the gameplay without involving physically shifting blocks. With that in mind, I wanted to present a few alternative trap ideas that focus on affecting movement in different ways.

Static Obstacles:

Rather than moving walls, static obstacles or barriers that can be activated strategically by trigger blocks could offer interesting gameplay dynamics. Imagine being able to block certain paths or create new routes by triggering these obstacles. This could introduce a whole new layer of tactical decision-making and surprise elements. It would also mean HRV will need to have two complete possible paths when a trigger is used in order to have a complete path. Not sure if having multiple triggers would work or not with HRV but I could see one for sure working. Imagine follow HRV down a path and triggering a sensor that causes a block to appear and permanently block that path. Think the opposite of holographic block. HRV fades behind it before you can catch up. Time to find a different route.

Environmental Hazards:

Another approach could involve implementing environmental hazards or traps that directly impact the raider's movement or abilities. These hazards could temporarily disable abilities or slow down movement, forcing the raider to adapt and find alternative routes. Such traps could create intense and thrilling moments during gameplay. So instead of fire, think of wind or ice blowing at you to blow you back or slow you down, forcing you to block things instead of dodging them.

Teleportation Devices:

Teleportation devices or portals offer a unique twist to traditional trap mechanics. By placing these devices strategically, players could create unexpected movement disruptions or provide alternative routes. This could lead to exciting mind games and strategic choices for both the raider and defenders. Possible mods could be randomize where it places you. This could be deadly if it traps you in a completely enclosed area, forcing you to restart. Watch HRV enter the portal and appear high above you. Better follow. Oops this time it warped you somewhere different where another wormhole portal exist. Let the mind games and deathtraps commence.

Projection Illusions:

Consider the possibility of incorporating more projection illusions or holograms into trap designs. These illusions could simulate existing traps but perhaps shooting them triggers another hidden trap (behind you?), confusing and misdirecting the raider. It could add a psychological element to the traps, creating a fresh and unexpected challenge.

Now that I've shared these alternative trap ideas, I'm eager to hear your thoughts! Do you find these concepts intriguing? Can you envision how they could enhance the gameplay experience? I encourage you to share your own suggestions, modifications, or any concerns you may have. Let's dive into this discussion and collectively explore new avenues to make traps more diverse and exciting!


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    i'm in general opposed to things related to teleportation, it will almost always be used in a manner by the builder that will lead to more lethality because its the only way builders are rewarded in any way that affects progression positively. teleporters by nature need to be immune if they are part of the path to genmat otherwise they could be disabled by bomb traps, dead mans switch, bolt shots, etc. without it there is a risk of getting trapped in a box with them and having the teleporter destroyed behind you creating soft lock.

    all for illusion, advocated for a raider hologram than can be thrown to trigger traps and guards to gather information.

    would love enviornmental hazards, i have posts for oil and sludge.

    levers/plates/wires/switches are something we've been asking for but have yet to receive.

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    Obstacles should be nice, even if HRV Path alternative and Dynamic route could be a problem Like the moving wall. Same as Teleport and the bad use a Custodian can do to Teleport raiders in front of a trap or in the middle of a killboxe. I've posted just Yesterday here a Teleport post and those are the concerns raised by other users.

    I Like triggers anyway. They should be added also for triggering sounds, events, etc.

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    Hi @MadMoeZel and @CcPicci ! After some more brainstorming, here is what I came up with to address the concerns regarding teleportation traps. One idea is to allow raiders to throw grenades into the teleportation portal before entering, giving them a chance to see what's on the other side and plan accordingly. Additionally, I suggest incorporating a computer console that raiders can interact with to view a sneak peek of the other side before deciding whether to enter. This console would provide valuable information about potential traps or hazards. However, it's important to note that while raiders are using the console, they may be defenseless if a guard on a patrol path shows up. It adds an element of risk and decision-making for raiders, forcing them to choose between gathering information and potential vulnerability. Lastly, raiders should always have the ability to back up through the wormhole they came through immediately if they sense danger. These ideas aim to strike a balance between safety and strategic gameplay. Your insights have been valuable, and I appreciate your contribution to the discussion!

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    "One idea is to allow raiders to throw grenades into the teleportation portal before entering, giving them a chance to see what's on the other side and plan accordingly."

    "Additionally, I suggest incorporating a computer console that raiders can interact with to view a sneak peek of the other side before deciding whether to enter."

    so you propose to let them freely scout the room once they've decided they're safe, and then to freely pick apart that room with explosives while outside of it with no risk to themselves in the scouting, throwing of explosives, and then checking to see what they hit to change their angle of attack? this is not something i want to see as a raider or a builder. if firing bolts through this was also permitted, that would be insanely strong for the raider and a huge detriment to the builder. raiders already have the ability to see and shoot through acid at traps and guards that can't respond, how about lets not give them a teleporter to do it from safety and a camera to investigate the damage each shot.

    anything that the player can attack and see through should permit defenses to do the same in the spirit of fairness.

    additionally, how does HRV and his route interact with this, how many teleporters can be on a map, what would you put their cost at, would they have mods, what would those mods cost if yes. what happens if a guard patrols over the teleporter, what if guard shots pass through or land on the teleporter, what about loading times for teleporting causing a player to die on the other side before being able to come back, how do you propose to set up the instant back travel while still utilizing the scouting/selection interface?

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns. I appreciate your insightful feedback. After carefully considering your points, I would like to address each of them and share my thoughts on potential solutions:

    1. Regarding the console that allows raiders to peek through before entering the portal, I understand the potential issue of raiders just being completely risk free using the console to view and assess danger. To mitigate this risk, we could introduce a limited usage system. Raiders would only have one opportunity to look through the console, and there would be a 5-second countdown timer before an alarm goes off, alerting guards and potentially triggering their response. Once the alarm goes off, raiders would be locked out of the console and unable to use it again until they die and restart.
    2. In terms of defensive responses and mods for the portal, I agree that balance is crucial. One mod could prevent items from being thrown through the portal, ensuring raiders cannot freely attack from a safe distance. Another mod could allow traps and guards on the other side of the portal to fire through it, creating a two-way threat where raiders must be cautious even when using the portal. Lastly, a mod could generate a defensive measure upon either approaching or instead entering the portal, such a charge up that releases a plasma cloud that fills the blocks on both sides, attempting to harm the raider. These mods would add strategic elements and potential risks to using the portal.

    Now, after considering these points, I would like to introduce an alternative concept that challenges our current perspective. Perhaps I have been looking at teleportation mechanics in the wrong way. Instead of standalone teleporters, what if we focus on doors as a primary element?

    Imagine if we introduced doors that can open and close as raiders approach them, and we allow builders to modify these doors in various ways (these doors wouldn't be destructible with weapons so to speak), but we could have a mod called "Portal" that activates when there is another door with the same mod on the map. We'd limit them to two mods per map, and in order to use it you would have to have two else it would be a waste of building resources. This mod would be expensive but would convert existing doors into portal windows. Raiders could then see through the door to another location on the map. This concept offers a unique twist where doors become portals, providing a visual connection to different areas. While this idea takes us in a different direction, I believe it could introduce new strategies and possibilities for raiders and builders alike.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on these ideas. Do you find the modifications and alternative concept intriguing? Are there any concerns or suggestions you would like to share? Your input is invaluable in shaping these concepts and creating an engaging and balanced gameplay experience.

    Thank you for your continued collaboration and feedback.

    Best regards,

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  • MadMoeZel
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    i very much like the door method and the "portal" door is something highly explored in games. though i'm not sure if that functionality would have any legal stipulation around it. i like the door a lot actually. having one on the map also allows the potential for one VERY sneaky trap setup that fires through a portal from another room elsewhere that may, or may not be a shortcut.

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    There is a possibility at the moment to build a switch in the game a "hidden bolthrower hits holocube" combo but it's usage is very limited and in most cases maybe a waste of cap-points. Maybe if the holocubes would not be destroyed when a player bolt hits them but just pass through it would get more functionality but. Then there is the problem of balance. Would it affect the balance to much if the cubes would only get destroyed by activation and in any other case just let the player projectiles pass?

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    the issue with the triggered cube is that if they pop the trap that activates it, it renders it mostly useless. i don't think there would be a balance issue with bolts not breaking the holo's fascade. the potential problems are mitigated by the fact the trap still disarms at close proximity. but if player bolts don't break it, it would be safe to assume that boltshot wouldn't either? gets a little fuzzy there.

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    Hey everyone,

    I thought I'd continue adding new trap ideas and trap mods to this thread since I initially started it. Today, I have an intriguing concept to share with you that involves introducing different variations of corrosive traps with unique effects. Here's how it would work:

    1. Electromagnetic Destabilizer (Light Blue Corrosive Mod):
      1. Imagine a trap that temporarily disables the grappling gun of anyone who comes into contact with it. Let's call it the "Electromagnetic Destabilizer." It could have a distinct light blue appearance, resembling water. The intention here is to make raiders keep falling through if they were falling through it. They could still double jump, but if they miss they have no grappling gun to rely on. This mod could be combined with corrosive cubes below it to create unexpected situations for raiders. For example, they might pass through the blue trap and keep falling into an orange trap beneath, or fall into a pit full of guards. To add to the strategy, raiders could be tempted to zip through it, knowing they can't escape until a certain duration has passed. The longer they remain in it, the longer their equipment and grappling gun stay disabled. This is the first trap variation to consider.
    2. Sensory Malware (Yellow Corrosive Mod):
      1. The next mod we'll call the "Sensory Malware," represented by a yellow corrosive trap. When triggered, it would cause raiders' screens to "hallucinate" or have "malware affect", simulating trap trigger warnings and emitting random noises associated with various traps. This sensory overload would create panic and confusion, potentially giving guards an advantage to charge or attack. For instance, you could combine the blue trap to cause raiders to fall through the yellow area and into a pit with guards, triggering their sensory overload. The yellow color was chosen to indicate the combination with blue, providing a visual clue to warn raiders about the impending effects. The longer raiders remain in the trap, the more intense the hallucinations and false signals become.
    3. Optic Disruptor (Grey Corrosive Mod):
      1. Lastly, we have the "Optic Disruptor" mod represented by a greyish/black corrosive trap. When activated, this trap would impair raiders' vision by overlaying a faded screen, making it harder for them to see for a brief duration. Although accidentally touching this trap wouldn't result in immediate death, raiders would experience difficulty in navigating their surroundings due to reduced visibility. The longer raiders stay in the trap, the darker their vision becomes, and it extending the duration of the impairment.
    4. Adhesive Flux (Green Corrosive Mod):
      1. This trap mod, represented by a vivid green color, covers raiders with green sticky substance upon contact. Restricting their movement and slowing them down. The longer raiders remain within this trap, the more pronounced the effect becomes, making it increasingly difficult and longer before the sticky affect comes off. It may require them to rely on the zipline to move around quickly.
    5. Chimera Pheromones (Purple Corrosive mod):
      1. This mod which raiders can spot by its purple color releases a powerful scent or pheromone that attracts guards to the raider's location. The longer raiders remain within this trap, the stronger the pheromone effect becomes, extending its reach and luring more guards towards the raider. This trap can create intense moments of pursuit and add an additional layer of challenge for raiders to overcome.
    6. Flammable compound (Red corrosive mod):
      1. This mod which raiders can spot by its dark red color covers raiders with a wet dripping and highly flammable compound substance upon contact. As raiders move, they leave a trail of fuel wherever they go. Depending how long you were in the cube, the longer the next affect takes place. The compound will drip with every block you touch, adding a wetmark wherever you made contact. So the longer you are in the compound the longer it takes for the substance to automatically remove itself. Explanation: lets say it takes 10 blocks for it to finally wear off, 10 different blocks, but if any of those blocks are ignited by an incinerator trap, the entire trail of fuel will ignite in a blaze. It will keep setting off like a trail of self-destructive traps, except it will just light up and close those cubes because of its highly flammable compound. This trap creates a strategic risk-reward scenario for raiders as they must carefully plan their movements to avoid incinerators and potential fiery consequences.

    These trap variations add an extra layer of complexity and strategic gameplay to the map. Combining different colors and effects could create enticing and challenging scenarios for raiders to navigate.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on these trap ideas and modifications. Feel free to share any suggestions or further ideas to expand upon these concepts.

    Looking forward to the discussion!

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    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to address a concern that someone might have regarding the trap combinations and their effectiveness. You might be thinking, 'What's the point of introducing different trap variations if raiders can simply combine the blue trap with the orange trap and be done?'

    Well, let me explain. While it's true that some builders may opt for the most lethal combination to maximize kills, the goal here is not solely about eliminating raiders but also about providing a diverse and engaging gameplay experience. Builders have different motivations and approaches when designing their bases.

    For many builders, it's about creating unique challenges and variations within their base designs. It's not just about killing raiders, but about testing their skills, punishing them for their mistakes, and witnessing their determination and ingenuity as they try to overcome the challenges. It adds an element of entertainment and replay value as raiders face different scenarios and have to think creatively to succeed.

    Additionally, it's important to remember that not every player will have all the trap mods and combinations unlocked. By offering a range of trap variations, we provide players with a sense of progression and incentive to keep working towards unlocking new content and building variations. It keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting, as raiders encounter unexpected trap combinations and have to adapt their strategies accordingly.

    Moreover, the element of surprise plays a significant role in the gameplay experience. When raiders encounter bases with unique trap combinations, it keeps them on their toes, heightens their sense of challenge, and encourages them to explore different approaches. It adds depth and complexity to the game, keeping raiders engaged and motivated to overcome the obstacles presented by builders.

    So, while it's true that some builders may opt for the most lethal combination, the aim is to provide a diverse range of trap variations to cater to different playstyles, motivations, and progression levels. We want to keep raiders engaged, entertained, and surprised by the various choices builders make in their bases.

    I hope this clarifies the purpose behind the trap variations and addresses any concerns you might have had. If you have any further questions or thoughts, please feel free to share them.

    Looking forward to the continued discussion!