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Hello all! I am a big fan of the game. I would love to see this game be as big as Minecraft one day. So I want to open this forum to generate ideas that will keep the player base going and thriving through the years. BHVR I could always use a good job in the think tank haha.

I'm very excited for the new dlc coming out though, it's definitely some needed flavor for a dwindling fan and gamer base. I have zero doubts that this game can't be one of the best games ever in 2-5 years.

•Raids and raiding, quality of life too What would help with people getting raids is if it was more like guns up, when someone raids your base you could have the option of going and raiding their base in retaliation! I've played levels that were 30 mins long and that is a slog for the rewards. I think you should be able to give negative accolades on a base you play. Not to hinder the player but to tell them "Hey" this base is too long, too short, not artistic, to easy or not varied enough, just something to let the player know why they didn't receive a accolade for their work. You should also be able to see the accolades a map has before starting it, and having a system that says whether it has been edited since the last negative accolades would be nice.

•Kill boxes and equipment Kill boxes are not the problem with this game the lack of raider tools available is what makes them hard, maybe a bump to the items allowed on missions would greatly help with this. More phoenix pods or more magnet shields or a drone that flys around and can help you shoot traps or revive you may be nice. Not everyone has a buddy to play with to revive them.

•Harvey! I think that Harvey needs a rework, any block a player can fit under he can fit and walk under, so the paths should always be valid. He should have a teleporter or even a grapple gun himself to traverse through to visible points.

•Emotes. A basic emote system for the player would be nice, I love seeing videos of players looking down and shaking their heads after a bone head play. A thumbs up or thumbs down would be cool, dancing on top of a base after completing it would be nice.

•Replays. Being able to hear the player or players talking during the replay would be cool.

The game is in dire need of some more deco packs, •Steam punk •Cyber punk •Medieval •Space station Having a light up disco floor would be awesome. Just a basic painting tool for all the blocks would be nice as well.

•Traps They're far too obvious right now. There should be a camouflage mod for traps that turn traps the same color as the block they're glued to. I also think there should be traps that can't be destroyed, like a room that has swinging axes or saw blades that come up from the floor, just something to add a little spice to the game and add some ambient pressure. Trip wires or a electrical system like Minecraft would also be cool, that way if someone hits a corner you could have a timer on a trap to go off without needing a visual trigger. Would it make the game harder, yeah maybe, but having more options is always nice. The holocube needs to have a mod the camouflages it as any building blocks you want, it shouldn't be just bedrock blocks. It makes them far to obvious in some areas and limits the usefulness. I also think a mimic type enemy or trap would be cool, you could have it hide as a fake genmat center or forsaken tomb, to get players to go for it and boom it was a trap or guard type.

•Guards I think it would be cool to if they added a juggernaut guard that requires two hits without armor applied. Even a boss type enemy for a level would be sweet. With the game in it's current state there is no pressure to move through the levels, so spotting traps and planning is easy when people are creeping. The best parts of the game is when you feel the rush of a holocube and then a bomb ejector going off, that's the type of thrills that will keep people playing because it's fun.

•Multiplayer I think a multiplayer versus mode would be cool. Like a custom created capture the flag or death match mode of 4v4. I think what would help with people getting raids is if it was more like guns up, when someone raids your base you could have the option of going and raiding their base in retaliation!

•Building. Some more basic building blocks shapes. Activating a base from the basic build screen, there is little reason that you should have to go into a base to activate or deactivate it. You should also be able to put the base on a timer for being active. I usually go in once a day, start a map at 6pm and shut it off around 11pm. That way I'm giving myself the best opportunity to get raiders, accolades and kills without wasting the timer on my build with inefficiency. You should also be able to see a timer when testing your levels, that way you know how long a run would be, or how long it takes a player to reach an area where you could have a perfectly timed patrol unit ambush. Being able to have moving blocks, whether through pistons or hovering would be nice as well. So every level doesn't feel, meh, in better terms the same. It's a 3d environment that most players only engage with in a 2d way. Putting hover blocks on a patrol route may be cool.

•Legacy map mode They also need to have a legacy map mode for bases that hit level 10, so the bases aren't just dead and every player can find them without knowing the player through social, that should be a champion base screen.

I've gone on long enough, I have a ton more ideas but I'd like to hear what you guys would think as well. Let's keep this rolling, happy raiding!

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    This was hard to read as a single block. please edit and break up the individual ideas.

    some of what you have discussed has been asked for in the feedback forum, other parts have been discussed by devs. holo blocks specifically they wanted to give it the ability to camo as other blocks but had trouble with the code.

    edit - thank you so much, much easier on the eyes.

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    I will try and break it down.

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    To summarize your ideas, here's what I've gathered:

    1. Raids: Make raids more interactive and offer retaliation options.
    2. Kill boxes: Increase raider tools for tackling difficult areas.
    3. Harvey: Improve Harvey's mobility with new traversal abilities.
    4. Emotes: Introduce basic emotes for player expressions.
    5. Replays: Enable player conversations during replays.
    6. Deco packs: Add more themed decorative packs.
    7. Traps: Enhance trap camouflage and introduce new types.
    8. Guards: Introduce stronger guards and boss enemies.
    9. Multiplayer: Include a multiplayer versus mode.
    10. Building: Expand building options and activation controls.
    11. Legacy map mode: Create a dedicated mode for high-level bases.

    Please let me know if these summaries accurately capture your brainstorming ideas! Great ideas.

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    thank you kindly for the list

    1-no real objection

    2-most of the time the answer to the killbox is skip the room, it's a skill people need to learn. people are too focused on making THIS ONE BUILD work for EVERYTHING. if they just swap out their tools and bring the correct equipment, it's easily handled.

    3-I like the way HRV walks, but he does need better ROUTING options, a limited count decal that allows HRV walking would be nice so it can't be spammed on every surface, or maybe some kind of mechanism HRV locks himself into and gets lifted up to a place and set down again.

    4- i'd rather not have a raider flex-dancing in replays for 10 minutes and have to skip through it to find information on the run.

    5- interaction in general needs to be increased, not just in replays. there needs to be some kind of message board at the outpost spawn where you can leave notes or something.

    6- need more yes, more to come with dreadshore, probably more after that, also need better ways to color things.

    7- yes, need better ways to hide traps, need the ability to freely rotate a block to i can choose an unusual angle to shoot at. also camo traps please yes. tired of everything being glaringly obviously unless you used DBD metal/spam decor.

    8- i don't see them doing this but i would like new guard types, maybe something slower that has an attack pattern it does as it advances that can deflect projectiles leaving a limited firing window, i'd love to see a boss enemy but it'd have to be limited to 1 or 2 at most and have them take no more than 2-3 shots each to flesh for them to die in order to be fair i think, i'd also make them larger and need 2x2 spaces to maneuver. i'd say make them grenade vulnerable however so they have a clear counter.

    9- would love some real time pvp, have several ideas jotted down on it.

    10- need more building options for sure, agree.

    11- social kind of is a legacy mode, the search function is just bad. your map can sit on social forever more or less and if your name is known, so too will be your map. i kind of enjoy the fact that maps being played on social is related to your reputation and how much you promote it. i regularly come back to replays on social maps because people suggest them to others. it's a very warm fuzzy feeling.

    edit - i accidentally hit send on #8