MachineGun, Cannon and Flamethrower Trap Ideas

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So, we have bombs, incinerators, about a machinegun, Cannon or Flamethrower turrets? 180° Wide angle, target tracker for machinegun, slow movement for Cannon and 3 blocks Flamethrowing for the Last One.


  • rootisonfire
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    I appreciate your suggestions for adding machinegun, cannon, and flamethrower turrets to the game. While they may seem exciting, it's important to consider how they fit within the game's lore and currently established theme.

    Considering the game's lore and theme, it's crucial to ensure that any new additions align with the established technology and world-building. In this world, the game primarily features traps using arrow-like bolts, impalers, and mutants wielding arrows and swords. The projectile elements in the game are futuristic and utilize plasma-like blasts. Introducing turrets that resemble conventional gas-fired rounds from cannons and machineguns might not fit within this established technology framework.

    However, if I understand your desire to introduce these concepts while maintaining coherence and consistency, it would be worth exploring alternatives that still align with the futuristic and plasma-based nature of the game. For example, a plasma-based machinegun trap that fires quick automated rounds of plasma in bursts could provide a rapid-fire and high-damage option that fits within the established theme. Players could modify it to change its functionality, from burst to full-auto or even incorporate delayed suppression mechanics.

    As for the cannon, while plasma sentinels in my mind kind of fulfill a similar role, we could explore differentiating it with a version that launches a cannonball or boulder from a giant spring like trap. The boulder could shatter upon impact, and this variation could create shockwaves upon landing, briefly slowing down raiders and adding a distinct element to the game. The shockwaves could disrupt their movement, making trap navigation and tomb raiding an even greater challenge.

    Regarding the flamethrower, its unique aspect could be its wide 180-degree area of effect, allowing it to target multiple enemies within a short-range radius. This would differentiate it from other traps, enabling base builders to control corners or surprise raiders with flames coming from unexpected angles like the side or the roof, adding chaos to their plans.

    It's worth noting that modifying the incinerator to have a similar functionality to the proposed flamethrower idea could be an alternative option. This modification could transform it from firing forward to a "180-sensor blast," triggered whenever someone steps on any of the cubes within its sensor range. However, it's important to carefully consider whether such a modification aligns with the expected function and balance of the existing trap, ensuring fairness and maintaining its intended purpose.

    By creatively adapting these ideas to fit within the game's lore and theme, we can introduce new and exciting elements while keeping the overall experience consistent and immersive. Your suggestions have sparked some interesting possibilities, and I appreciate your contribution to the game's development. I love exploring ideas, whether or not they actually get implemented. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nahasno
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    Doesn't the incinerator have such a mod it's not 180° but there is that fire and explode mod - of course it makes the flamer ontime use, but i think it would be to difficult if they could fire repetitve with such a mod.

    It would like to see some traps with

    • electricty - perhaps to stun raiders
    • water jets that push or shove raiders maybe in combo with electricity get deadly? We can pull so why not shove
    • sliding doors - just to prevent raiders from seeing in the next room - they don't even have to able to be locked. Or if locked - then give raiders a tool with which they can crack the lock in 1-2 secs.
    • elevators or something would be nice too, even if hrv can't path over them, guards could be placed on them and make hitting them more difficult if the move constantly up and down.

  • CcPicci
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    I'm totally agree with you. I don't ever think a lore break adds. I suggest those traps with specific animations in mind due to the fact that there Is already the bomber and the incinerator. With the 180° angle detection I Imagine those three traps always in movement (maybe with some noise to hear their active presence) and with different reaction on detection: MachineGun tracks the target and can shoot mid or long range; Cannon moves slowly and his shoot takes Just 1 block; Flamethrower tracks the target but It can burn only in a line of 3 blocks in front and 1 x side.

  • CcPicci
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    Flamethrower trap would work in a different way / range as explained.