Spinning Blades, Swinging Blade, Saw Blade Trap Ideas

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New day, new suggestion/Ideas. In another thread we discussed about some lore breaking solution that maybe doesn't fit very well ingame. Traps are basically based on Blades, Arrows or plasma. So here we go. This time I suggest destructible traps always on (or indestructible via mod) that requires some timing for raiders.


Spinning Blades in a column. They cover 360°, 2 or 3 rotating blades, 1 Square range length. Blades are mounted higher than HRV so he can't be killed by.


Swinging Blade aka Pendulum. It covers a 3 or 4 blocks line. Giant Blade, slow but deadly.


Saw Blade. Rotating Saw Blade. It covers maximum 5 blocks in line. Can be placed on ceiling, floor or Wall. HRV can avoid the Saw Blade walking slowly as usual.


  • MadMoeZel
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    i doubt very much they'd give us an indestructable trap that can't be shot THROUGH. if they did that would be the only trap in the outpost more or less. it would completely counter weapons. though i very much like traps that have moving parts. many a piston has been saved by retracting at just the right moment, and many a flame trap has been spared by the reverse.

  • Dreamnomad
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    I'm against the idea of any indestructible trap unless it has very specific draw backs such as the corrosive cubes (immobile, highly visible, not instant death, can be traveled through). For instance, I'd be fine with a saw blade trap that travels along a surface being indestructible while the blade is retracted. But the raider should be able to shoot/slash the blade itself to break it while it is active.