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  • 3 weeks since launch, the bugs and exploits have gone from a rare mention to a common occurrence. no hotfixes, no balance changes, no communication other then the twitter spinning up in the last week spitting out things that should of been in a tutorial as if they are new info
  • Second wave corrosive cube being seen thought is a bug/exploit. Any map that uses it u should just leave and report
  • i mean i wouldnt call these exploits as a raider you do have means to deal with them, such as a crosbow with 15 ammo, or a sheild u can throw down as u collect the genmat
  • dont use overdrive.... its never been worth it and its still not worth it to this day.
  • the only issue with kill boxes is they are boring and repetitive, but due to traps and blocks being tied to the same resource, if you want lots of traps you get less block to build with. so people make a box with everything in it but with over 100 hours in MYM i can say that very few killboxes do anything interesting and…
  • only 5 hours? yes i would expect you to have issues, thats ok. at least you didnt claim they were impossible like others might have i also think its fine to think said maps are unfun and obnoxious and i would have to agree. i have over 100 hours in MYM from the beta and live combined and there are a few map designs i see…
  • the amount of parts you get vs the rate you consume them at in regular gameplay is disproportionatly lower then the rate that you gain synthite and spend it 1000-3000 parts gets you 100 consumables a map costs 600-1200 synth per map, you can have 5 up at a time so make that 3500 - 6000 prestigeing a map costs 600 -1000…
  • also many have the option to just use the arrow buttons..... in my redesign example. all you would need is left and right to select between the different active states and prestige
  • not being able to mange bases from the terminal and forcing people though 2 loading screens to change a base status is still just as much of a headache. also let us clear notifications and have an option to collect all drops from a base. its super annoying to have +300 kills as a notification you can clear and picking up…
  • people still get frustrated working to get synthite that drops 100% slower then the amount you need, only to buy a map thats useless from them. no it dose not promote people to build interesting bases, becuase they know there are other maps where they dont have to deal with bad bedrock spam so it just causes frustration
  • still waiting, its literally one thing everyone wants. its so silly you are sitting on this free win you only need 1 texture for the triangle face and every other side of the blocks can reuse textures from the wedge and cube blocks
  • the pack system was shoehorned in and makes the game worse. red you have the factory themed items blue you have the industrial themed green you have a couple of machine themed things these were the original 3 and then despite them being obviously from the same group, they arbitrarily split them up you then have brown being…
  • bump for visibility
  • still just as relevant as when it was posted
  • literally provided two examples of devs for games that are among the most successful and wholesome on steam showing that it infact dose not make the community toxic and entitled meet you maker is not DBD and should not be treated as such. dont punish a new community due to the community of another game being ######### the…
  • ghost ship games and Deep rock galactic, relogic and Terraria I'm hoping the devs can differentiate between the meet your maker community, a game wher both sides can win and dead by daylightcommunity, a game where only 1 side can win, in the fact one is toxic asf and the other is yet to really pick a direction. I agree…
  • During alpha, pretty much everyone said there needs to be more info and ways to filter raid bases being showing kill count or prestige or total accolades.... We were ignored
  • "For the builder to build or for the player to play the outposts that are build on it? Your statement is not as objective as you think..." i never commented on tombs or genmat location, they are often the main things people build around "Being able to manipulate a plot at will serves only repetitive designs/layouts from…
  • easier for devs? ok: show a preview of what ur buying b4 u buy it, u cant see everything but it gives u an idea of what your getting. rerolls arnt an issue being able to toggle between the burial site size you want so you see 8 or however many options in alpha the stats were static and no one complained, just revert it to…
  • i dont think that you (the exception to the rule) finding the plots fun to build around is not a good argument to justify how it currently works when the majority of players, myself included dislike loading into a map and seeing bedrock spam. i am making an objective statement that the current system is bad. if maps…
  • but the current design dosn't stop anything, people just delete that map and try again, thus all that is being added to the game is something that annoys players and a loss of resources and time. if the issue is boxes full of cheese traps, thats an issue with the core game, not the map
  • i would honestly rather have a selection of handmade maps made instead of the current rng based generation. i get these are ment to be ruins or something but half the time it looks like someone just dumped trash in a square
  • many controller games have a rudimentary mouse function controlled by one of the sticks, also as there is only 5 buttons on that menu redesign, using the arrows left to right would work the same
  • the game already has some form of remembering what outposts uve done cos u already cant repeat bases, and if u repeat a champion base cos ur friend hosted the game and then u get it again in solo, the tombs will be empty cos u already raided them as for practice raiding bases, there really isnt any benefit to it due to…