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  • I think maybe a minor rework might be in order, but I'd hate to see the ai guards be removed from knight’s power since that's a big reason I love him so much in the first place. I think the small tweaks I proposed would do a lot for making him less controversial by making him better at doing things that are more…
  • I personally don't think knight’s design is actually fundamentally flawed, just held back by a couple of bad balancing decisions. I have ideas for a minor rework, but I wanted to suggest some smaller tweaks for the time being since I doubt knight is at the front of the rework list. (The main rework idea I had was that the…
  • Props for actually constructing a good argument! A lot of good points!
  • Love how everyone is flaming this guy but he's the only one providing any actual arguments for his point while people are just countering with "nuh uh ur just bad lmao". I'm gonna keep my opinion ambiguous so nobody can be like "You're just a stinky survivor main" or "You're just a stinky killer main" because really I just…
  • Clearly you haven't seen the tail tech. It's actually perfectly possible to clip your entire tail through a huge rock and hit people in places you 100% shouldn't by aiming your tail up and then dragging it down with the correct timing
  • "Well it doesn't say what I want it to say so it must be wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️"
  • No it doesn't like actually just read it.
  • If you read the perk description and the patch notes, it pretty clearly says it "Get notified when the killer is within a 36 meter range." It's supposed to do that, and that ability of the perk never changed, it's just broken right now
  • Yeah, I tried using it on a stealth build to know if the killer is nearby, which it's supposed to help with, but it just doesn't light up in the 36 meter range like the perk says it's supposed to. And if it's somehow supposed to not light up, then the devs have made spine chill completely worthless.
  • It's worth noting that if the killer misses a basic attack near you when you use the current version of dead hard it still counts, but this scenario is far too difficult to get to happen on pupose (I didn't get it to happen myself, a friend of mine had it happen by accident)
  • I noticed it happening while I was playing co-op, but the bug is persistent. Right now my ironside suit is entirely useless unless I find a way to swap gap closer for an ability I actually want. The same thing happened to my starter gun. I upgraded it to having 3 shots, but it would only have 2 on co-op raids. Thankfully…