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  • Indestructible Mod for "Some" traps: Ok, hear me out. The trap can be made so it cannot be destroyed, but rather, needs to be navigated around. However, there could be a spacing/proximity limitation when placing so the entire length of floor/walls/ceiling cannot be a constant trap. I think we can admit that the "Death…
  • My assumption behind why they put it on a timer is due to capacity. Since each player can have 200 outposts, the game is swamped with them. So now they make them deplete at time intervals to open up chances for others bases to have a chance to be played. HOWEVER, I do not agree with that method, and instead, agree with the…
  • And it shouldn't be impossible for them to implement this either. Company of Heroes did the same thing because it was common for people that were just about to lose, to force close the game and it would not show up as a "Loss" on their stats. After their patch, any manual force closing of the game showed up as a negative…
  • Correct, "Something" needs to be done about how traps work. I only activate a trap if: A: I dont feel like wasting ammo and let it destroy itself B: Im tired and bored of the outpost and i aimlessly run just to see how far i can get C: The entire base is holocube filled traps Other than that, you just walk slow, look,…
  • Correct! The trailer is awesome and i thought, "Finally! A clever strategy game with endless raids!" But what we got is: Move 1 block, look up, side to side, down, proceed (Or just run) The last photo in the original post is what i thought the game would be. A raid with the need for agility and timing to tackle puzzle…
  • For me: Fun=Just that. A clever designed base where traps work off each other. Brutal=Pretty much any "Killbox" i come across Ingenious=My highest rating which combines good design and trap layouts that resemble a "Chess" strategy. (They figured out what moves the player will make and design other traps to be one step…
  • ""Except that's impossible with the current system. If you leave, that base stays on your choices of base to raid."" Apparently, you can exit a raid and then "replace" it with a new one in the list. I just posted something about this and then marked it deleted after a fellow player said you can do this. ""I also don't look…
  • ""I'm not sure I get it. That would mean that an outpost would either need to be build with Harvey in mind or without him. You can't have an outpost that can be switched between "harvey mode" and "no harvey mode" for obvious reasons."" No, your thinking to deep into it. Sure, maybe even an option for builders to choose to…
  • Wow, cant believe i missed that. I will edit this post to show "Deleted"
  • I will try again tonight, but when i abandon an outpost and return to sanctuary, that outpost is still in the same spot on the raid list. It now just shows how many times i have died there. This is on PS4