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  • Sole Survivor. - only activates if you're the last survivor in the trial. if any dull totems are still in the trial this perk randomly lights one of them as a boon totem. For each dull, booned, or hex totem gain a token. Each token gives a 25% speed bonus to survivor actions and obscures your aura within 15 meters of the…
  • My favorite survivor is nic cage. The voice lines and goofy perks are why.
  • gross. who wants to feel like their eyes are on the side of their head it's called tunnel vision for a reason
  • i thought you all used to stream the game together like the sea of thieves dev crew. *edit* sucks that mixer is no longer a thing though. coop streams were the best
  • slippery meat for survivors forced penance for killers.
  • its... different? idk. depends. nic cage has voicelines. killers can no longer grab players from hook rescues. cosmetics are getting sexier. everything else is still the same.
  • killers with teleports and aura reading add ons help. just run regression perks and you can usually win
  • the only way would be by reducing the gains for doing so that lead to a victory. killer's victory is sacrificing survivors. so reduce the progression speed of a survivor's hook. maybe add a "stale hook" effect where when a survivor is hooked twice in a row the second phase lasts longer.
  • it's a hybrid of breakout and decisive strike and another perk that for some reason i can't think of the name right now. edit up the ante.
  • fair point. i'd be open to an aura effect or ui symbol to identify that it's applied. but then there's also the argument that... nearly zero other perks have indications - like unbreakable. or dead hard. or lithe. 🤷🏻‍♂️ i think in this case though - it'd be fine to have an effect to indicate the perk is active.
  • bleeding out is a valid strategy for killers in my opinion. However, I don't see how this perk would cause that kind of issue. it only affects the most recently unhooked survivor so the other 1,2, or 3 are fair game.
  • it wouldn't stack because of how the math and mechanics work. it very much is a perk that is meant to replace decisive strike - not boil over and flipflop. flipflip only works if you slug and don't pick a survivor up. boiled over only works if you overly rely on auras for hooks or try to drop from a height to reach a hook.…
  • There’s literally no way to address it other than doing something completely radical like making the survivors all share hook progress. you already get a time window for a free shield and sprint burst when rescued from a hook. there are already enough pallets and safe loops in a match to run the killer through an entire…
  • when i play dead by daylight i have fun by: as killer - roleplaying a killer and outplaying intelligent survivors (that aren't cheating obviously, but are just good). combining perks in bizarre ways. feeling that i genuinely scared someone irl - but like in a positive way. i just want to feel like what i imagine someone…
  • say what you want, but i'm probably going to play killer and try to kill people as quickly as possible - which thereby negates the benefit of a cake anyway to whoever i kill.
  • i see. bullets 3 and 4. the issue with this is that the survivors are standing just outside of the hook radius and the killer refuses to engage in a chase. in other words the killer is refusing to chase. what a lazy killer. tbh i don't see the issue? if the killer is the power role... then shouldn't the killer be good…
  • idk. I don’t have ptb access as a console gamer. I think pausing the meter makes more sense. How was it abused? Chases and survivors within the hooks range should obviously negate the effect to some degree. I don’t see how else someone could abuse it. Being hooked and then dealing with a killer waiting out your death timer…
  • I say we test the self unhook system. Tbh - if i had things my way… dbd would become f13 2.0 with more survivors, more objectives, and instant kills instead of the down and hook me mechanic. but i dont see this being that different from someone who uses slippery meat+luck build to get that free unhook. And as someone who…
  • I disagree with any form of forced movement. Teleports would be a mechanical nightmare. Nevermind void any sort of setup option.
  • you wouldn't want ace ventura, john wick, mr. president, and resident evil alice?
  • i've started painting the cubes around my traps as a big "look! look!" to those players that struggle with the most obvious of traps. in my defense for when i do it - i'm probably just bored and my mental is going "let's see if we can deflect everything". or something dumb like "imma ricochet this to get a kill"
  • because grinding 10,000 normal bases is the same as grinding 1000 brutal bases. my point is there needs to be a different structure for the players that take the easier path to be distinguished from those that are actually good at raiding. just because a player has a ton of free time doesn't mean they're good at raiding.…
  • Same with trying to use it to prevent corpse drops. which remind me of shang tsung from mk11
  • Don’t complain too much. This forum might go the way of league of legend’s forum.
  • All i can say is 👍🏻
  • i'll say this. ever since i stopped making bases brutal and swapped to normal cheese builds i've been getting a ton more new players that have no clue what they're doing because they skipped the tutorial and a couple of high ranked speed runners that have long since forgotten the basics of the game. so both die and my 4500…
  • "problems" is an incorrect term. i'm giving the community what they want. short bases with lots of vaults that are accessible. limited traps and the only way you'll die is if you aren't good at the game. as an example: i currently have an active base that is 20 armored+bloodlust warmongers set to rush down a 1 block path…
  • mastering perks is useful for the purpose of running crossbow or volt launcher + light or heavy sword. shield isn't requried, but you have to know how to avoid getting hit with claws and bombs.
  • the suit upgrades are not pointless. ironside runs crossbows kamaitachi runs swords both can run the arc barrier, but it's better on kamaitachi. the arc shield can destroy: pistons, claws, and impalers this means you can get a movement speed boost from the act of doing so. --- best combos right now are: ironside: bolt…
  • tbh all of my bases are 4500 capacity or higher 9000 genmat and of the 9 i have 3 or 4 are trap genmat. it's not necessarily a problem if you see it as an incentive to encourage specific player driven economic decisions. yes, you might get less visitors to your base id it fails to be worthwhile, but after you get their…
  • coop is broken to begin with. you have a free infinite phoenix pod. tell me how that's fair? the solution is simple. make bedrock a placeable block in build mode and make it so that the item can't blow up bedrock. and bedrock will cost more than 1 point, but less than 10. so maybe 5?
  • ive got an insider scoop that it's a mathieu cote skin and voice over pack where the chimera says "pretty good job so far" and other famous quotes when you level it.
  • 1 block being broken wouldn't break the game. 2 blocks? maybe. but 1 block? i think there would be an incentive to make double layered walls which could allow for some interesting trap baits.
  • i've already made like 200 items that i've commented in various posts about. might as well give you one. demo charge - destroy 1 block.
  • try searching a social raid with the info provided by replays.
  • corrosive cubes are only a problem if you don't have either a phoenix pod or a clear way to get through them by grappling through it. shield also helps. the falling through the collision meshes of other objects though is very obnoxious. the biggest issue i have with it is the blatant blocking off of forbidden tombs that…
  • the boosts are there because the devs needed something for the game to be aesthetically balanced. not necessarily gameplay orientation balanced. your views on the various boosts are accurate. suits is the most useful. parts is the least useful. prestige barely works. synthite is a must. and genmat gains are universally…
  • i think it'd be interesting to know just what exactly defines a brutal base. where is the line drawn so to speak between brutal and dangerous. and for that matter between dangerous and normal. is there a harsh cutoff point? is it loosely defined? because bases that start off with 4500 capacity can become bases with several…
  • the benefits of brutal bases are: they tend to have more traps and guards that you can farm for loot they tend to be bigger meaning they're often large class bases with 3 vaults they give 3750 genmat which is 2x the 1875 you get for dangerous bases and more than 4x the amount for normal bases (900). brutal champion…
  • it was originally designed that way. they changed it due to feedback during the beta it would seem. idk. i wasn't part of the beta.
  • this is true. it also makes them more likely to be able to see due to the potential for 360 fov. however, i'm lazy so i'll probably just stick to spamming them if i ever use them. 18 arrows versus 20 units... good odds.
  • when i make bases i sometimes use 2nd wave corrosive cubes to hide my holocubes.
  • it's definitely a new custodian. Ironside is called ATA-1 (but i can't find the number on the suit) kamaitachi has 02 on the right arm. in the sector 1 photo you can see 03 on the "face" this means it's a custodian as they're numbered.
  • i do this when i'm just over the match, bored, or if i just want to meme. sometimes if i get a looper that's decent i'll focus them the entire match because it's just more interesting sometimes. other times when i'm trying for realsies i'll ignore that survivor in particular because i know they probably don't have gen…
  • i won't give up until i beat it. i've dropped well over a hundred deaths on a base when i was new to the game. and i don't regret it at all. i learned so much. so so much.
  • youre right about them all having the exact same mods. i also mentioned a stealth unit on another post so i support the idea. obviously there should also be a flamethrower unit and a grappler unit since the easiest way to make new content is to take the already existing content (incinerator and claw) and give it a guard…
  • there isnt one. best application is to use it for bomb rooms. but even that is a major waste of resources.