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Potential Bug on PS4?


Ever since the Demigorgon was released, I have been having an issue on PS4 where occasionally when the game ends, I will be kicked from the main menu and be told that I don't have a network wouldn't bother me however, it takes away my offerings and doesn't give any of my bloodpoints; so I played the game for nothing other than the enjoyment (hopefully) of it. It seems to be happening only when I play killer.

I was just wondering if any other PS4, PC, or Xbox player is experiencing this, or if anyone has any suggestion for a possible reason why this could be happening?

Thank you for reading!


  • vossler25
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    Not had this issue, PS4, but my guess, reset WiFi or clean up the console, if it helps, I have a external harddrive that holds every download (8TB) and it's half filled, and my console has never been quicker, try that maybe (not as big as mine that was my friends and I being childish over money flex and 8TB was the largest at the time, I won btw lol you would probably only need a 4TB unless you have tons of games then 8 or larger)

  • TheLegendDyl4n1
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    experience this every few games on xbox

  • FireHazard
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    This is a known issue on PS4 at the moment...

    The best advice I can give you is to click the support link that i'll be linking below for you... there you can let the support team know about your issue!

    Here's the support link:

    Good luck!