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Does Pig's TR still fade out when she crouches, or does it vanish immediately via Undetectable?

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    To put your suspicions to rest, I compiled this short video to confirm the answer.

    Basically, I had my friend sit around the corner as the Pig and crouch two times to see if the Terror Radius would fade out or not...

    The answer is, YES! It still fades out into 0 Terror Radius... The Undetectable Status effect doesn't kick in until the end of the crouching animation... so they snuck the status effect into her crouch without taking away from that mechanic!

    What that means is, the status effect doesn't come in until she's basically at the end of crouching... than it turns on. Before, she would crouch and than the Terror Radius would turn off after a few seconds... as you can see in the video this still happens... (It seems to be faster though but that's debatable.)

    This should 100% answer your question! (We did this without the crouching add-ons btw... if you use the crouching add-ons than the status effect will turn on a lot quicker because the crouching animation is quicker...)