Game disconnected me, stating I had no internet, but my other online game was still connected.

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This could have cost me my Adept achievement and the match.

My first thoughts were that someone disconnected at the end of the game, and that crashed the chat lobby for viewing end game scores. BUT this one seems different, cause it crashed MY game due to MY internet going down which did NOT actually happen!

Proof is that I had another online video game continuing to run in the background, unhindered, while DeadByDaylight pretended that my internet was broken. Therefore it seems like one of the survs used a hack tool to disconnect my client in an attempt to mess up the scoring system for me (the killer). Rank seems really important to some salty players.

To view this video you must have the link.

What this video depicts is that I was destroying the survivors with an attempt at Adept Cannibal. In the end, it was a slaughter. BUT... after the last hooked dies, the game does something funny. It tells me my rank didn't update and kicks me out of the game while stating that I had no internet connection. I kept recording cause I forgot I was recording, and wanted to check on my achievement going through.

I edited the first part of the video for time and loading, but nothing after the game play started. I left the recording going all night and went to bed, and remembered it was still recording when I woke up. So I truncated the black video off the end. But still have the whole original video.

If my internet had gone down, my clicker game would have presented an error to me that I could not have removed. This is enough proof for me that my internet did not actually go down, but that something deceitful was occurring.

Hopefully this leads to the devs discovering how to prevent disconnects.

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