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Should we expect new Stranger Things and Evil Dead Legendary Cosmetics?

R52G Member Posts: 257

Hi y’all! So I know it’s probably super fast to discuss this but when I heard them talk about Legendary Cosmetics I instantly got super excited thinking about how they could have many more characters in (w/in reason of course due to licensing). I want to hope we can get a Nancy to Robin, a Steve to Jonathan, a Ash to Pablo, and a Jane to Kelly/Brandy thing but I wanted to get y’all’s thoughts on this to see what y’all think. 😊

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  • Fibijean
    Fibijean Member Posts: 8,342

    It's possible, but honestly I wouldn't get my hopes up too high. Not because I don't think the devs are capable of delivering something awesome, but just because literally the only information we have about legendary skins so far is that they will be a thing, so no one really has any idea what to expect at this stage.

  • FichteHiro
    FichteHiro Member Posts: 711


    I think it's very possible that licensed Characters will have legendary cosmetics transforming them into characters of the same license, but it's much harder for an original Character to be transformed into a licensed one due to licensing issues. We'll probably know a bit more about legendary skins once they're out.

  • R52G
    R52G Member Posts: 257

    Why would it be harder for original to licensed if it’s just for a cosmetic?