I disconnect from the lobby when "Unknown Error Occured"

Hozumi Member Posts: 2

Everytimes I played game with my friends once, I will automatically turn back to main interface, telling me “Unknown Error Occured”, and then I invite my friend to lobby, but I will not see they click ready button, even if they enter I didn't enter the game. I have to restart Dead by Daylight for playing with my friends again and again.


  • sanitar2034
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    edited July 2020

    Hozumi, hi!

    My friends have the same error, but we found a solution, which works 4 times in 5.

    1. identify the team player who does not have this problem (I do not have it)

    2. This team player after ending a match MUST click "Continue" and load the lobby. After loading lobby, other players will checked as "in game". After this other players need to click "Continue" now. So the will load to lobby normally.

    3. BUT there is a little problem: IF a player with the problem will not click "Continue" to exit to the lobby in a two or three minutes or exit some another way - the problem will not disappeared.

    4. BUT there is maybe another problem: IF the player from first paragraph died and watch for other players and game continue after that too long (I don't know exactly how much long), the players with that problem will disconnected from the lobby anyway. (But I didn't sure about this paragraph, maybe it's just an accident, see this just two times).

    So, if it helps you, please Vote Up and leave a comment.