Frank's Mix Tape: no longer downs Survivors

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Before the update, and ever since The Legion's initial changes back in 2.7.0, Frank's Mix Tape reduced Deep Wound time by -7.5s per-attack made. With the most recent update (4.2.0), this add-on can no longer function, as Deep Wound seems to only be reduced if the Survivor is walking, or completing an interaction.

Before you say this isn't a bug, let me double down, and say that it was working as intended even when Deep Wound would pause while running. This is clearly an issue with the new update, and not the changes to Deep Wound. If you don't believe me, I will happily send you footage of me using the add-on prior to the update.

Platform: PC (Steam)

Reproduction steps: Play as The Legion and use the Frank's Mix Tape add-on.

Normally, it takes a total of 5 hits to down a Survivor, but as you will find out, that no longer works.

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