Killer and Survivor dolls


We have 4 chapters and 4 rifts released in a year. In each rift we tradicionally have 1 killer and 1 survivor doll charm. Last rift released without a killer doll though which is terrible flaw. If it continues this way, we will never catch up to get all dolls collection. We need at least 2/2 dolls released in every rift.

Also as completionist I really bothered that first couple of survivor dolls are released in custom outfit, but next dolls appear in default outfits. Choose one thing, please.

Dear Item Design Team. I understand that it is probably first time you participating in something like creating rift rewards, so you don't have much expirience yet. Please, make disciplined tradition for rift rewards and follow it carefully. My advice is find a person with Anankastic Personality Disorder in your crew and place him in charge (or at least assistance) for making list of rift rewards for future tomes.

Or maybe it is easier to make one rift including all missed dolls with suitable outfits someday.