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Trickster Power Changes (In-depth)

Haddix Member Posts: 1,020
edited March 2021 in General Discussions

These changes are based on my assumption of how Trickster will perform with the announced changes to his basekit (Main Event buffs) given his strength in the PTB. This could change depending on his strength on release or after the patch following the chapter.

Base Power:

  • Decrease the Laceration Meter to 6 charges.

I would play around with this number. This change doesn't imply this would be completely balanced (too strong or too weak), but seeing how he performs with fewer required Blade hits to decrease a health state would be a good test.

  • Remove Laceration Meter over-time decay.

Chases should be meaningful and killers should be allowed to switch targets and pressure the map if-needed while keeping their progress in the chase they broke away from. Survivors can also delay a blade hit by 15 seconds and revert his Laceration progress, which is shown in longer and safer loops. This would ALSO make ranged hits matter more, as you can currently hit a survivor from far range, but have it not matter at all because the Laceration decays.

  • Laceration Meter decay COULD BE replaced with an action to remove the blades that increases by x seconds per Laceration charge filled. This action could be available x seconds after you haven't been hit by a blade.

If it's deemed unfair that survivors can be "damaged" but have no way to heal that damage, this could definitely be added in.

  • Single ricochet added to the basekit. Blades that ricochet from farther than 5 meters deal 50% extra Laceration (down from 100% given the Laceration meter charge decrease).

The ricochet mechanic gives Trickster the unique identity that he desperately needs. The double Laceration from any range (Like it was in the PTB) was too cheesy as you could ricochet blades off of the ground for effortless double damage. Giving the ricochet mechanic a condition that blades only deal that 50% extra Laceration when you make a ricochet trickshot from a farther range helps removes that cheesiness.

Main event:

  • Activation window increased to 45 seconds.

Currently, the window to activate Main Event is extremely small which can have the power go to waste quite frequently, as the power can activate when a survivor just got downed, already almost dead, or when a survivor is hit from range, activating the power, but that survivor, or any others, are not close enough for main event to be helpful in that given moment. Giving the activation window an increase would allow it to be useful during a chase when it becomes available as well as after a survivor is downed, as it lasts long enough to be triggered while in the next chase.

  • Blades do not automatically throw.

The change they made actually seems hurtful. Blades automatically throwing removes any sort of mindgame that can be made when out of LOS, as survivors can always pinpoint the location of the killer by looking at the direction of the flurry of blades, which are now unstoppable in Main Event. Reverting this change would allow Trickster players to mindgame with their red stain and movement as they normally would outside of Main Event in order to zone and position the survivor to land hits.


Yumi's Murder

  • Previous effect: Moderately reduces each Survivor's Laceration Meter capacity.
  • New effect: Inflicting the injured or dying state on a survivor with a Blade that ricocheted from at least 5 meters away instantly refreshes 35 Blades.

Lucky Blade

  • Previous effect: Slightly decreases Laceration Meter Decay rate when out of Blades.
  • New effect: Slightly increases the control rate of Blades.

Waiting For You Watch

  • Previous effect: Moderately decreases Laceration Meter Decay rate when out of Blades.
  • New effect: Moderately increases control rate of Blades.

Trick Blades

  • Previous effect: Blades ricochet off of the environment twice.
  • New effect: Blades ricochet off of the environment twice. Succesful ricochet hits from at least 5 meters away grant bonus Main Event charges (+2.5 extra charges).

On Target Single

  • Previous effect: Slightly increases Laceration Meter Decay delay.
  • New effect: Moderately increases Main Event activation window (+15 seconds)

Ripper Brace

  • Previous effect: Moderately increases Laceration Meter Decay delay.
  • New effect: Slightly increases Main Event activation window (+10 seconds). Slightly increases the movement speed of Main Event (+0.2m/s) - This adds up to 4.6m/s.

Iridescent Photocard

  • Previous effect: When a Survivor's Laceration Meter is one Blade Hit away from the maximum, they are inflicted with the Exposed Status Effect. Filling the Laceration Meter does not injure or down Survivors.
  • New effect: Filling a survivor's Laceration Meter without missing a Blade will inflict the Dying State.
  • Synergy with the other Iri. Could possibly be too strong combining these two, so this may not be the way to go. However, the current version of this addon is atrociously bad and worsens your power (to possibly the worst power in the game), so whether or not this is the right idea, I'd like to see a fun one-shot addon that's not garbage

Death Throes Compilation

  • This addon ramped up the damage of blades for every non-missed blade, and the damage would reset if a blade missed. Could reduce the amount of bonus laceration it grants depending on if it'd be too nuts with the Laceration Meter base decrease.