Data Tracking in Dead by Daylight Marketing

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I'm not happy about these upcoming changes and hope that you would reconsider. The following is not nearly good enough:

"We understand that player privacy is a topic near and dear to the hearts of gamers – and rightfully so. For that reason, we wanted to take the time to shed some light on what this means for new and existing players moving forward, what kind of data is collected, and exactly how it will and won’t be used."

We already bought your game. Many of us have spent hundreds of dollars on DLCs, cosmetics, and the like. You do not also need to track marketing data. This is something I'd expect from Google freeware, not a paid video game with probably $150-200 of DLC and even $10-15 cosmetics on offer.

Rather than trusting several dozen different companies to mine our data while keeping our data secure and truly anonymous, to use the data responsibly, and to never expand their scope further to more unsavory things (i.e. you linked your Google account with us to crossplay with Stadia, uh ohhhh, guess it's time to sell your data profile to Google ecks dee), the better solution is for that data not to be collected and stockpiled in the first place.

I realize this will probably fall on deaf ears. Half of the people involved in this effort will justify it as "I don't care what the users want; we need to make money" and the other, particularly braindead half will say "Targeted ads are good! Everyone actually likes them, so long as we mine enough data to make them relevant!"

I hate the entire paradigm that modern tech companies have embraced in which they violate user privacy, often without their knowledge, in order to serve users largely unwanted content to inflate their profits. One can only hope that non-EU governments will eventually catch on and legally mandate that this crap be opt-in. In the meantime, please do the right thing. Even a simple opt out option would be better than turning it on across the board and putting out a weak sauce statement about how our privacy is important to you.