We are investigating an issue in the game that causes strobing/flashing lights, and are focused on fixing it as soon as possible. Some players may be impacted by this issue and experience discomfort from it, so we recommend taking proper precautions.

And until we fix this issue, we recommend that players with photosensitivity, or who have an epileptic condition or have had seizures of any kind consult their physician before playing.

Are you struggling in solo queue? Here's a really great, and simple, piece of advice.

Haddix Member Posts: 1,020
edited September 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

When the game starts, spread out immediately and GO FIND YOUR OWN GEN, even if it's tempting to work on a gen with somebody else right off the bat. Too often do I see people immediately hop on a gen with somebody else, where if they broke off and worked on their own gen, 3 gens could get done within 2-3 minutes rather than just 1-2 (depends on the killer's pressure, but either way, more gen progress will be done long-term).

It's common knowledge that survivors who spread out are far more efficient, but for some reason, I don't see people actively trying to spread out very often. Once I started immediately breaking away from my teammates in the early game, I found that 3 gens were completed SO much faster almost every game, even games against killers with a ton of pressure early on.

Please try it out, you'll see the results very quickly given that your team, or you, aren't potatoes. You'll make you, and your teammates, a lot happier in solo queue.