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I'm expecting a DMS nerf, and I wouldn't mind, but I don't think a flat number nerf is the BEST idea

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Note: In this post, I am not ASKING for a DMS nerf, I am EXPECTING it - so if you believe DMS isn't OP on any killer, it doesn't matter and I don't want to hear about that. This post is about handling its (likely) inevitable nerf based on the overwhelming feedback that it's too strong.

You put Dead Man's Switch on Blight or Nurse, you get a hook, sprint/blink to gens to get 35-40 seconds of DMS value, get very fast downs because it's N/B, repeat. It's REALLY effective. This applies to any other really high mobility + high lethality pressure kind of killer.

Put it on Artist, Nemmy, or Doctor. Get a hook, send crows/have zombies/blast gens and get passive pressure that blocks multiple gens. Once again, really effective without any/little effort. Very good for camping. Applies to any other killer with passive pressure.

Put it on the rest of killers, it may do something and it may not. Getting to gens and chasing is less time-efficient compared to high mobility high lethality killers, and there's no way to passively pressure a gen to force DMS value. It's already a pretty alright perk on these guys, by NO means is it bad, but it's straight-up way too effective or cheesy on others, and that's where it's actually an issue.

Maybe a good idea, considering time constraints and whatnot, is to simply turn it down to 30 seconds and forget about it, but that'll render it almost worthless on killers where it's already not extremely useful. At that point, the perk is still good for top tiers, but...is that really a good thing? Is a slowdown perk only being useful on the killers who need slowdown the LEAST, save for passive pressure killers, healthy? Perhaps it doesn't matter, but I hate to see a perk get nuked and left alone for 7 years after it was buffed from worthless tier.


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    If they nerf DMS without touching Boil Over; I will find a table, and there will be flipping of said table. Possibly multiple times. 😐️