Amanda’s Tome lore

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Was anyone else disappointed with this? I was hoping it would concentrate on her being taken by the Entity and her thoughts and feelings when arriving in the realm.


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    Yeah not very happy with the tome but ehh it's been worse

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    They already covered her getting taken by the entity and her thoughts on it in the base lore.

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    This is one thing that annoys me a lot, all of the tomes focus on things that happened pre-entity, I would like to read one that was inside of it.

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    Yes, I was very disappointed. It basically went on and on about Amanda changing up the rules that Jigsaw had set out. Hopefully Tapp's lore is more interesting.

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    You'd think it would be easy for people being paid 6 figures to find someone who could write a could few paragraphs for an inky artist killer.

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    Most tome lore is made of fillers of rehashed stuff that gets dragged out over multiple entries with not much substance to it. There are a few exceptions here and there, of course. But that's a lot of sifting through fluff.

    It's just a way to encourage playing more.

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    Fair, but highschool students write out entire 5 paragraph essays in an hour for tests on Fridays.

    Give a REAL professional 2 days and he can write the entire time worth of content with overarching features, solid storytelling, and compelling subtleties.

    Literally there are entire websites of desperate writers that churn out mountains of writing for fun. But they cannot for the life of them find a human being that can write 5 pages worth of compelling content given a relatively large budget and a long period of time?

    They say, if there's a problem it's one of the three: People, Process, or Product.

    It's a problem with a tool or mechanical aspect, a problem with the order things are done which causes inefficiencies, or it's just bad talent that needs to be corrected.

    The tomes look rife will all 3 of these.

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    Do you also consider side stories such as ones from Terra Arachna, The Chamber of Blood series, The Midnight Groove Tome or stories such as the one with the ghost dogs or the one with the friends and the broadcast location from the Observer's tomes as just being Filler or Fluff?

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