Fix to Pig's camping one Box

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idk what's happening lately, but i already had 4 matches with pig's using the Addon "Video Tape" (all survivors start the match with a reverse trap installed) and camping one Box

i don't want keep depiping by this

so there are my ideas:

Like Pyramid if the pig stay close from a Box for too long, the box change place


Pig not being able to see the Boxes aura's


Box progress don't reset if the survivor is unable to finish it at first try


Halve the Reverse Trap timer, but it stops if the survivor is running (like deep wound)

But hey, i don't hate her, i also think she deserve some buff's, like having a reduced terror ratius, 24-28.

Killer instinct notification anytime survivors rid of the reberse trap.

And having infinite bear traps


  • DriplordDrew
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    Honestly I think just having the key that is locked behind her move to a different box and if I have done all the boxes either they are light up again or the one my key is in lights up. I had a match like this this morning and as soon as we started I got lucky got mine off first try. The other 3 had already started to 99 every gen and I just joined in. At the end RNG was on our side as the last survivor got their helmet off and all 5 gens popped of like no tomorrow. We had already cleansed the totems and so her plan to have noed was bust to. She came out with a 0k and nasty messages in end game chat. We were called hackers and cheaters because at least one should have been behind her. I know that the devs are working on trying to find away to prevent this. I find it sad that as soon as to you start with traps on your head all survivors must assume that the Trash pig is doing this (not a pig main cause they actually play her and this is just going to end up nerfing and already weak killer more because non pig mains are doing this trash play).