Lore behind perks

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When it comes to perks, is their lore behind them. Sorry if it is addressed in game. I still have to read everything.

I was thinking teachables perks were skill that survivors/killers had in their world. When taken, the Entity absorbs this knowledge and when an offering is given up to the Entity (Bps) it passes this knowledge to other survivors/killers making the offering. I know some perks (especially for killer) might not make a lot of sense in the real world, but maybe they were more realistic skills and when absorbing this knowledge the Entity twisted them to fit in with the realms reality.

What do you all think. Am I putting to much thought into perks?


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    The way I see it, perks are just knowledge translated to gameplay, some characters use their life knowledge in trials and teach some to others, while other perks are simply "powers they got as a side-effect from being in a supernatural realm or abilities given by the entity to increase their hope. Also I don't think the teacheables are abilities tied to only one character, like Any means necessary for example:

    I think every survivor is able to lift pallets, but some do it faster than others, for me it's kinda silly thinking that no one could do it before Yui arrived in the realm.

    As for supernatural perks,either being given by the entity or being a side-effect, I believe they are way more unreliable than the other perks, since the other perks are just knowledge, for example:

    Claudette has botany and empathy. Since botany is a "skill" she can pass that knowledge to others, while empathy with empathy, Claudette herself probably doesn't know how she can do that so she can't teach it. If some characters care deeply about others the same way she does or more they can probably unlock this hidden vision, but characters that are way more closed off, selfish or skeptical like Feng, Jake or Yunjin, may never "unlock" this ability.

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    Going to be real with you, here's my theory that I've always had, and still will keep regardless.

    When Survivors are absorbed into the Entity, they are - for all intense and purposes - a copy of the original.

    They have the exact same physical and mental structure as the original subject down to the marrow - down to the SYNAPSE.

    These Survivors and Killers bring with them a wealth of experience and prior knowledge that gives them a particular trait that they can rely upon in the fever pitch of a Trial. Some of these are not learned, but are part of their core identity. You can learn to be quiet, but - for instance- having the Iron Will of Jake Park requires something deep, something near spiritual, that was likely tempered through specific life events, traumas, and experiences that reinforced these aspects into his life.

    The Entity, however, can generate unlimited copies of his selected subjects. When survivors die, they are merely replaced with an exact copy.

    These perks themselves, they are core faculties of the individual's memories and life experiences that have coalesced into core attributes.

    Lori Strode is a die-hard survivor that has come face-to-face with death, and has prepared much of her life to do so again. She is cunning and resourceful, and will never go quietly - even in her darkest of moments.

    Bill is a veteran that has placed himself in the line of fire to save his allies many times before. He has put his life and limb in harm's way to buy precious time for his team his entire life. Up until his demise, he fought through injury and inanity to buy time for his friends that he himself did not have.

    David King spent his entire life in fights. He's used to taking a beating and usurping the expectations of his opponents. Just when people think he's on the ropes, he pushes himself to the absolute limits to make a comeback. His motivation comes from deep within, but his ability to push beyond pain and take all the more punishment makes him able to push and break himself when he has to the most.

    Nea has spent many long nights sneaking around the urban sprawl. Ever since she was a child, she knew how to navigate a path while keeping a low profile. Through years of experience and many close calls, she has practiced a style of movement that keeps her safe and out of the way. Skulking about in the shadows is more than a style, though - it is an art that can only be mastered through the decades of hardships that Nea herself has endured.

    Let's look at Claudette - who usually has the knowledge of how to knit herself back together after many clumsy accidents over the years, has an incredible love for flowers that inspires her to utilize plants that she is familiar with, and sports an indisputably strong sense of Empathy that allows her to sense the pain that other people feel.

    When Claudette is equipped with Decisive Strike, Borrowed Time, Dead Hard, and Urban Evasion...

    She no longer has that clumsiness, or even the memories and instincts begotten of her clumsiness. They have been replaced with the grit and determination of the cool headed Lori who has stabbed at assailants before, and will do it again.

    She no longer feels the passion for flora, nor remembers the decades of interest and research surrounding them. Those vague pasts have been supplanted with Vietnam flashbacks and selfless sacrifices, and all the lessons that have made Bill into the savior that he was always meant to be.

    She no longer feels that connection of Empathy for the pain that other people feel, instead she is swelled with the hardcore fighting spirit that David King was spurred by, as well as his aptitude to push his body past its limits in times of dire need. In all of his desperation and aspiration, her senses of Empathy have completely changed.

    And between all of those memories and instincts - she vaguely hosts the experiences of Nea and how she learned to master the art of skulking about the city at night.

    Perks are not simply education or talents.

    They are fundamental fragments of an individual and constitute a core value that makes them unique as an individual.

    When you equip different perks, the Entity simply replaces these memories, instincts, and aptitudes - completely rewiring the synapses into a different instance of the individual.

    It's Claudette's body, and she still adheres to a baseline that runs common with all Claudette copies.

    But this Claudette doesn't know who she is anymore. Her memories are coalesced and overwritten with several others.

    Claudette is no more. For the Entity has replaced her mind with the fragments of four other identities that swell within her mortal mind.

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