We are investigating an issue in the game that causes strobing/flashing lights, and are focused on fixing it as soon as possible. Some players may be impacted by this issue and experience discomfort from it, so we recommend taking proper precautions.

And until we fix this issue, we recommend that players with photosensitivity, or who have an epileptic condition or have had seizures of any kind consult their physician before playing.

This is a patch that requires a LOT of adjustment from all of us, and we should n o t jump the gun.

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Prefacing this with the fact that solo queue needs a buff, and ideally, in a perfect world, that would've been a very, very, VERY nice addition to this patch. I am not at all whatsoever denying that, and I think it NEEDS to happen. However...

A massive percentage of survivors used dead hard,

an extremely strong perk designed to undo critical mistakes in a chase that no longer works the same as it does. It is NO WONDER that our teammates are going down a lot faster and killers have twice the pressure. People do not know how to play without dead hard, and it's been that way for 5 years now. Solo queue teammates that go down in half the time are very obviously not going to make for a great team... until people, including yourself, learn how to play without it, and that's probably gonna take a while.

This is not going to be a popular stance, as many of us here are former dead hard using survivors and many of us have had some really rough solo queue games against 9000-second gens, but it's kinda something important that we need to face.

On top of that, personally, I've gone down at least 3-4 times now because of those 10% killer buffs. There have been plenty of times where I JUST ALMOST made it to a pallet or window after being hit/after a pallet was broken, but went down because of the changes. I'm not yet adjusted and neither are our teammates.

It really sucks, but we have to GENUINELY give this patch time because we've never had a patch that has required this much adjustment from the whole survivor playerbase. It's going to feel like an unfair rugpull, but I guarantee you that it's probably not. Let our human brains work this out.

Are there things about this patch that might be too dramatically changed? Sure, but we can't figure all of that out while there's a bunch of smoke in our eyes, and neither can the developers. Again, I think solo needs a really good buff, but I'm seeing a loooooot of people act like this whole patch was a huge mistake when we are a DAY into it my friends.


  • DredgeyEdgey
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    Idk why I think this update was healthy for the game

  • Haddix
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    I think it was too. It requires a lot of re-learning for a good chunk of the playerbase, but this was 100% necessary and was inevitable.

    It's just incomplete. Combine this with a solo queue buff (hopefully soon), and this patch rounds out really, really nicely.

  • Triplehoo
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    This was a good patch, imo. Did they went too far on some aspects? Yes. But I think BHVR will adjust them accordingly in the future. What this update showed to lot of players, is that now they've lost their "crutch"perks, they have to learn to actually play the game and adapt. And that they have been in a place in the MM where they shouldn't be thanks to the nerfs on some of the surv perks.

    Like you said, this was a healthy for the game.

    Haven't seen bullysquads after the patch.