VERY WELL DONE with the feedback listening, I'm sure this will be a GREAT chapter!

Very well done with the changes after the PTB, these will make The Knight feel much better, the map better and flashlights account for latency and new players!

Also this chapter is super innovative with such a different killer based on AI (psssst, hey, maybe use that to improve Nemesis' zombies and avoid them getting stucked on walls all match), I'm 95% sure this is gonna be a very nice chapter!

Very well done with the add-on changes, especially the 2 very rare ones. They would make the power simply too strong compared to basekit, especially the one the made everyone scream across the map and allow free Dead Man's Switch interruption with almost no effort. That HAD to be changed.

For future changes, I think that being able to switch between which guard you wanna use, maybe with a cooldown, without having to deploy them each time and m1 them should be a feature, or maybe implemented into the already existing add-ons that mimic that.