The Skull Merchant - Manga MC brought to life in the fog?

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I’ve had a hard time digesting her lore. It’s scattered, all over the place, and I still have some read overs to do to try and solidify how I feel about her as a whole, but this is where I’m at currently.

Adriana’s lore comes across in multiple ways:

  • An entitled child who feels like she deserves to be number 1 at everything due to how smart she is. She doesn’t take 2nd place as an option. She believes everyone is lesser than her and only cares about the things in her own life.
  • She is obsessed over her fathers “dark Brazilian”. She uses his manga as a blueprint for what she wants to become. She uses this both as a way to embody who she really is, a ruthless hunter with no remorse, killing those who she feels can offer her a challenge, so she can satisfy her ego of being number 1.
  • She is a cold and calculating business woman. Someone who knows how to build a company, buy other companies and dismantle them for profit, somehow managing not to get caught out and remain successful. She uses her knowledge to entrap business rivals and kill them, so that she can secure their assets.

One big point that stands out to me though, is this…her story REEKS of plot armour and convenience, something that’s fairly common in fictional works of art, especially fantastical worlds. How did she get away with killing her business rivals? How did she get away with taking their companies and turning a profit? This “manga” business in her early life? These board members of her company that somehow don’t catch on to what she’s doing? Or maybe they know? How does she seem to so effortlessly kill these people?

Maybe, the Entity has helped her for her entire life.

Why did her father leave? We have no idea. Perhaps the Entity took him, doing this in order to set her on her path. He had seen the Entities realm, Adriana in the future, in the trails, so the Entity took him. Maybe we’ll see him in the future?

How did she get away with it all? Perhaps the Entity influenced onlookers to turn a blind eye to her dealings, ensuring that she built her empire, and her ego to go along with it, keeping her on her path to it’s realm.

In summary, my current theory is that her story plays on the trope of the “main character has plot armour and is able to do things that just wouldn’t really work well in real life”. Tying a fictional main characters tropes into a “real life” story of a Killer like Adriana is interesting, along with the self fulfilling prophecy of her fathers manga.

But I might be wrong, and it’s easy to be wrong, because her lore is so scattered and it really could fit together in multiple ways. It’s just the whoever wrote her story, really isn’t great at connecting the dots in a clear way. Or it’s just rushed.


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    i would have preferred if the Skull Merchant Tome was just chapter/chapters of the fake manga, with all 10 entries being images. Would have been much cooler to look at than having to be reminded of the fact that she stalked and found out everything about the person who took #1, and then DIDNT DO ANYTHING

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    I hate that first entry of her tome, simply because it gives us information that we already know.

    Seriously, her lore had already came out with a lot of gaps. It didn't say anything about her affinity with technology, it didn't explain at all how she became so rich or what was her business about (the one that made her a millionaire, not the brazilian manga blog), it didn't give her any motivation to kill and to use a mechanical claw beside "they were in the way of her business" and "it was in her father's manga", and when her tome finally comes out with an opportunity to fill all this gaps... it starts talking about that one thing that was already in her bio in first place.