Frank's Mix Tape could be base-kit

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Frank's Mix Tape pauses the depletion of Feral Frenzy while breaking walls and damaging generators, while also speeding up the action-speed of these two interactables. On its own, this add-on isn't very impactful outside of a select few maps, and even then, it mostly acts as a feel good add-on, rather than a must bring. Essentially, Frank's Mix Tape is a quality of life add-on for Legion.

I would suggest that Legion's Feral Frenzy pauses whenever they're interacting with anything. This means that while using Feral Frenzy, the depletion of the power gauge pauses while:

  • Damaging generators
  • Breaking walls
  • Searching lockers
  • Snuffing totems
  • Closing Hatch
  • Opening Exit Gates
  • Interacting with Glyphs/Event Objects

Afterwards, Frank's Mix Tape could be solely an action-speed add-on during Frenzy, since its pausing aspect is baked into the base-kit... or it could receive an entirely new effect.


  • ReverseVelocity
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    I wish Frank's Mix Tape increased Vault speed and made Frenzy Vaults silent.

  • Devil_hit11
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    that is meme add-on meant to be used with julie's tape. did you ever play shadow dance legion? it is kinda like old cold dirt+joey tape legion when legion was 4.4.

  • DaddyMyers_Mori
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    First suggestion worked, so trying second round?

  • Mr_Ador4ik
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    I agree with that. This would be such a great QOL change for the Legion.