Tatariu's perk update (24 perks)

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  • Press and hold the Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem. Soft chimes ring out in a 24 meter range.
  • Any Survivors within the Boon Totem’s range gain a 2% Haste status effect. This effect persists for 2/3/4 seconds after leaving the Boon Totem’s range.
  • If an equipped Boon Totem perk has an effect that lingers, the duration of the effect will persist for an additional 4 seconds.


  • At the start of the trial, you see the Killer’s aura for 7/8/9 seconds.
  • Whenever you remove another Survivor from a hook, the Killer’s aura is shown to you for 2 seconds.


  • You repair generators silently.
  • Failed Skill Checks do not explode the generator, or cause any loss of progress.
  • Decreases your repair speed by 30/25/20%.


  • Survivors who are injured see your aura when within 32/48/64 meters.
  • When you are injured, you see the auras of all Survivors.
  • Grants a 25% speed bonus towards healing other Survivors.


  • Prove Thyself activates after repairing 50% worth of progress on generators.
  • While active, gain the following effects when repairing generators:
  • Good Skill Checks grant 1% bonus repair progress.
  • Great Skill Checks grant 2% bonus repair progress.
  • Skill Check success zones are decreased by 50/40/30%.
  • Prove Thyself deactivates when you complete a generator, or fail a Skill Check.


  • Grants the ability to heal yourself at 80/90/100% of the normal speed without a Med-Kit once per-trial.
  • After healing yourself, or being healed by another Survivor, Self-Care deactivates for the remainder of the trial.


  • When you are being chased, Quick Gambit activates and remains active until you stop being chased.
  • While Quick Gambit is active, the following effects apply:
  • Your aura is shown to all Survivors.
  • The Killer’s aura is shown to all Survivors.
  • Anytime another Survivor is within 20/24/28 meters from your location, their repair speed is increased by 5%. This bonus lasts for 5 seconds after leaving the radius of effect.


  • When a Survivor is hooked for the first time, Up the Ante gains 1 token.
  • Each token collected grants a stackable 8/9/10% bonus to the following actions:
  • Healing other Survivors.
  • Rescuing Survivors from hooks.
  • Once 4 tokens have been collected and you are on death’s door, your aura is shown to all Survivors.


  • No longer wakes up sleeping Survivors.


  • Now functions when healing another Survivor using a Med-Kit.


  • Stun duration increased to 4 seconds (was 3 seconds).


  • Shows the locker's aura in yellow to all Survivors within 24 meters.


  • At the start of the trial 4 random hooks are turned into Scourge Hooks. You see their auras in white.
  • Hooking a Survivor on a Scourge Hook causes all other Survivors to become inflicted with the Exhausted status effect for 30/35/40 seconds. Injured Survivors are also inflicted with the Hemorrhage status effect until healed.


  • After damaging a generator, Call of Brine activates and remains active until the regression effect is stopped.
  • The damaged generator regresses at 130/140/150% the normal speed and you see its aura in yellow.
  • Call of Brine goes on cool-down for 45 seconds when its regression effect is stopped.


  • Increases the loss of progress when damaging a generator by 2.5%.
  • After damaging a generator, the next Survivor interacting with that generator is faced with a difficult Skill Check. Failing the Skill Check results in an additional 3/4/5% loss of progress.


  • Generators not being worked on regress.
  • At the start of the trial, Hex: Ruin is blocked and cannot be Cleansed or Blessed for 40/50/60 seconds. While blocked, you see its aura in white.


  • Thanatophobia activates while at least one Survivor is on a hook.
  • When the Killer is beyond a 24 meter range from a hooked Survivor, a 10/15/20% speed penalty is applied to the following actions:
  • Repairing generators.
  • Healing Survivors.
  • Cleansing or Blessing Totems.


  • After chasing Survivors for 30 seconds, Unrelenting activates.
  • Your next Basic Attack that is also a lunge attack has an increased movement speed of 6/8/10%.
  • Unrelenting deactivates after damaging a Survivor in this way.


  • Running Survivors’ scratch marks appear 50% faster than normal.
  • Survivors continue to leave scratch marks for 1/2/3 seconds when they stop running.


  • Failed Skill Checks result in an additional 3/4/5% loss of progress.
  • Each time a Survivor is hooked, Hex: Huntress Lullaby gains 1 token. Up to a maximum of 5 tokens.
  • Each token increases the rotation speed of Skill Checks by 4%.
  • Does not affect Killer powers.


  • You accumulate Bloodlust 11/22/33% faster than normal.
  • Caps the maximum Bloodlust level at 1.


  • Breaking a pallet or breakable wall causes all Survivors within 24 meters to scream.
  • Thwack! has a cool-down of 30/25/20 seconds.


  • Increased the duration of the Exhausted status effect to 30/35/40 seconds (was 24/28/32 seconds)
  • Also applies the Blindness status effect.


  • Increased the duration of both status effects to 10/15/20 seconds (was 6/8/10 seconds).
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  • VomitMommy
    VomitMommy Member Posts: 225

    I never want to see buff to head-on. That's simply a perk you never want to see get even remotely to meta.

    It's just so much pain to play against that.

  • Coffeecrashing
    Coffeecrashing Member Posts: 2,605

    The head-on buff is the absolute worst perk buff out of this entire thing.

    As long as we have maps with unavoidable lockers, we don't need solo q spamming this garbage. It's bad enough when people use voice comms for this.

  • mizark3
    mizark3 Member Posts: 1,516

    I will always suggest Dark Theory converting Medium Vaults into Fast Vaults as a buff, as 4 extra linger seconds probably isn't enough.

    Premonition seems neat, but I'd almost prefer if the person you rescue can see the Killer in addition to or instead.

    Technician seems like it might be too painful when stacked with Killer gen debuffs (Thana/Penti), maybe accrue the penalty on failed skillchecks and negate it on Greats? Eg. 7.5/6.25/5% slowdown per token/failed check, negated by the same amount per Great.

    I don't like Self-Care disabling if someone else finishes a heal on you. What about a Lucky Break styled faster self-heal, and healing a teammate recharges the usage (probably not 100% but better than 50%).

    All the Exhaustion perk changes seem fine.

    CoB seems fine to buff, but OC is good as is, and we don't want to bring back degen 3genning.

    The rest I don't have strong feelings either way.

  • VomitMommy
    VomitMommy Member Posts: 225

    This change wouldn't really bring to to soloQ (on bigger scale), it would just make it really easy for SWF to use.

    Just don't touch head-on in any way.

  • BlightedDolphin
    BlightedDolphin Member Posts: 1,076

    Quick Gambit revealing the killer and survivors aura would be abusable in a coordinated SWF. One can just call out everything the killer is doing and prevent them from mind gaming. Seeing the survivors aura is enough.

    Technician’s penalty is too much of a draw back.

    Up the Ante punishes the killer for not tunneling and would just encourage killers to tunnel.

  • Devil_hit11
    Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 5,361

    -20% repair speed for technician. I wonder if the perk is worth it. 112.5 second to repair gen. It might be still worth it.

    Self-care has a problem. You can 99% heal yourself than use med-kit. You get an infinity med-kit with that change. it has to be charged based.

    Beast of prey looks way too good. 15/1.33 means that you get bloodlust 1 in 11 seconds. I wonder how many people would use a perk that gives 5% haste almost permanently for m1 killers. it might be top-tier chase perk.

    Unrelenting is most interesting perk. I have always wonder how good lunge speed is in the game. I suspect that one day a perk like that will show up. I just wonder when that will occur.

  • Astel
    Astel Member Posts: 208
    edited November 21

    I don't think that Technician is that good perk that requires debuff.

    DS can get 5s stun duration.

    I think CoB and OC can reverted to when they were meta if devs readjust gen spawn points.

    Up the Ante and Unrelenting changes looks interesting.

    Premonition's killer aura revealing time after survivor got unhooked seems too short.

    I just hope devs revert 200% Hex: Ruin.

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  • TrueGuardian32
    TrueGuardian32 Member Posts: 129
    edited November 21

    I wrote a long comment, it got thrown in the ether, so I'll keep it simple, most of these changes are ok, Prove Thyself negative should be removed, makes it too hard in some instances when certain builds are used. SC should be charge based. Head On buff is actually ok in my eyes. Thana should be 10% cause of a easier goal, not 20. Unrelenting is useful to new players and certain builds, I don't recommend changing like this even if interesting. I'd make this a separate perk. That all I'll write for now, cause my long comment got put into the void.

    Edit: Oh there it is below me.

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  • TrueGuardian32
    TrueGuardian32 Member Posts: 129

    Dark Theory: Good idea, but no, I'd not like to buff shadowstep to make it more stronger, the better balanced buff would be to increase the range or reduce the sound of the boon totem.

    Premonition change is pretty good, but the aura revealing should probably be made to 4 seconds after hook, even if it stacks with another aura perk.

    Technician is actually a pretty good change. Other don't really realize what it does, it counters Overcharge and Skillcheck doctor. Honestly a pretty reliable change that I'd approve of even with the downside.

    Empathetic buff is alright, not much go wrong there.

    Prove Thyself is interesting... but not recommended. The skillcheck reduction is too large for a meager boost. I would change to to affect everyone working on the gen, and remove the skill check size reduction. The reason being is that things like the Twins perks can cause great skillchecks that would be impossible with this perk on, plus skill check doctor and other skill check builds.

    Self Care is interesting, but I would make it charged based as mentioned above. It would be farmed for infinite heals in its current state.

    Quick Gambit is not a bad change, but I would change it to not reveal the survivors aura, just the killers. Make more room for mistakes basically.

    Adrenaline change is needed, Poor Freddy, everything is working against him.

    Boon: COH, acceptable. Never understood why they changed it to not work with medkits when they nerfed medkits.

    DS is acceptable, Head-On is acceptable to me as well, it would bring it up to solo q levels.

    Blood Echo buff is something I love as a killer, would make it really good while not being completely oppressive.

    CoB Change is good.

    OC change is also good, especially if done with the CoB change.

    Hex Ruin buff is good, you didn't restore the 200% progress which is sad, but you removed the deactivate on player death, which is good.

    THANA NOPE! That was a terrifying thing to see, I would change it to 10% if it only requires one person on hook, cause 20% reminds me of old thana, and that was painful. The new condition is a lot easier to accomplish so less of a reward would be better.

    Unrelenting is a interesting change, not really needed as it really helps new players in its current state. So I'm meh on this.

    Predator change is good.

    Lullaby is alright.

    BoP is great.

    Thwack is a really good perk with this change, limited as it requires a pallet or wall. So I like it. It's a slightly worse version of xenos perk.

    Genetic Limits is a great change.

    Septic Touch is a good change as well, especially with how situational it is.

  • Archol123
    Archol123 Member Posts: 2,098

    I don't think the massive slowdown technician gives you is worth the no sound when doing gens part, and the whole interaction is really problematic.

    Prove thyself is weird and I would like it if it just was an anti 3 Gen perk, until that issue does not exist anymore something like, when there are only 3 gens left gain 20% increased Gen speed, instead of the 10% it has now... Because with your version you just do gens faster in general, and just need another person to finish it to not loose the bonus.

    One time use of self care seems weird, it becomes a worse med kit basically...

    Quick Gambit would be the most broken perk ever because showing killer aura to every survivor, yourself included, means you have permanent wall hacks and can never be mind gamed... That is completely ridiculous.

    Don't touch the Gen kick perks please, that meta was atrocious and nobody wants it back, 2.5% more in the initial kick is already okayish, better regression without a meaningful condition is just problematic.

    Ruin is problematic because you can suddenly tell the hexes apart, which was never a thing before so I don't know what to think of that one.

    Thana might still be a nerf, because usually people will unhook as soon as possible, also kind of seems like a great perk for proxy camping this way... So it is weak if people play normally and problematic if they proxy camp... Not a good mixture.

    Unrelenting is kind of problematic because it only is about being in chase, not getting a hit before so it is kind of a weird spot, where you get rewarded if you don't end your chase fast, which I don't like.

    Predator will still be meaningless but great on spirit since she can now tell where you started walking.

    Beast of Prey is still terrible because bloodlust is a stupid band aid fix mechanic and should not start faster or at all for that matter.

    Everything was either fine I guess, not saying it would be good perks, but it would not be problematic at least.

  • Foempticol
    Foempticol Member Posts: 129
    edited November 21

    Besides COH, I don't like any of these changes. 4 second DS is still really bad, should be buffed back to 5 seconds like it originally was

  • jonifire
    jonifire Member Posts: 148

    My problem with ds is, that it stops working, when you do heal somebody, do gens or anything else.

  • Archol123
    Archol123 Member Posts: 2,098

    I mean yes, but that's alright, because as soon as you progress the game again you are not really getting tunneled anymore, otherwise we would have that stupid stuff again with free working on a generator with basically 1 minute of invincibility.

  • jonifire
    jonifire Member Posts: 148
    edited November 21

    When I heal someone, after getting unhooked, under the hook and then killer comes.

    Ds is gone.

    I would like to have only one ds per game, but when I want.

  • Astel
    Astel Member Posts: 208
  • jonifire
    jonifire Member Posts: 148
    edited November 21
  • Archol123
    Archol123 Member Posts: 2,098

    How about he just heals you first? Quite simple. And no, we're not returning to 1 minute of invincibility.

  • FilthyLegionRevival
    FilthyLegionRevival Member Posts: 211

    Yo can we just get Insidious as an undetectable version of Lethal Pursuer? 20 seconds of undetectable at the start of the match and lengthen the amount of undetectable time you get by 4 seconds.

  • Tatariu
    Tatariu Member Posts: 2,609

    Thanks for the awesome feedback guys! ^-^

    I was worried about some of the perks, and I'm glad that a few issues with the designs were picked up!

    Technician's penalty could totally be brought down, and Self-Care should disable whenever you become healthy to prevent farming infinite uses. I could also see Premonition getting a slight boost to its aura reveal duration on unhooks. I'll noodle around the suggestions for the other perks as well :)