Please make it so that we can choose who gets BP bonuses (party streamers, cakes, etc)

I once again post to ask for it to be changed so that we can choose which players gets bloodpoints bonuses from offerings that give bloodpoints bonuses to more than one player.

Tunnelling and camping killers don't deserve any extra bloodpoints, players kiting the killer on other survivors or even snitch out other survivors don't deserve any extra bloodpoints. Or survivors that completely ignores to try unhook other survivors, even if they sit on a generator 15m away. Nope.

I guess a certain degree of toxic gameplay is expected in a game like this, but with the current playerbase it is a bit overkill.

Now I finally got both my main killer and survivor to 100, so I won't need that much more bloodpoints anymore, but I still got huge stacks of BP offerings that gives to more than one.

It would be a shame to let them all go to waste, but they will be resting peacefully in their stacks (on my survivors), until it becomes possible to decide who gets and who does not get the goodies.

Sure, some would probably "abuse" such a system (if it can even be considered to be abuse, and the level of abusive gameplay in this game is already high up there anyways, which comes with a game like this)

So again, please make it so we can choose who gets the cake.

(It's no problem when playing killer, then I control the match and can make sure that the match is fair, but it should of course go both ways so that killers can choose also)


  • Kunuto
    Kunuto Member Posts: 41

    I guess I'm toxic in my own way that I'm picky when it comes to killers, if there is a killer that tunnell or camp or just plays like a jerk (I don't care if it is me or others), I tend to go find the killer and off myself on a hook. I don't play with ######### killers.

    Which often means leaving others behind, giving them worse odds.

    I would find it completely fair if others would not want to share their BP offerings with me in a such a situation.

  • JPLongstreet
    JPLongstreet Member Posts: 4,974

    I was wondering this as well.

    The offerings are burnt as the trial loads in, and bp bonuses applied post-trial as survs are sacrificed or escape one by one. Solos usually leave the tally screen immediately anyway. So where is the opening to implement this?

    Plus SWF would most likely only choose their mates as well. There's so much negative to this proposed change.

  • Kunuto
    Kunuto Member Posts: 41

    Yeah, I only offer those kind of cakes when I play the killer (I have a stack of about 900 misus so I ain't going to run out of them anytime soon). On my survivor I have like 300 cakes/party streamers. That number will stay as it is. Aint offering them.)

  • adaw0ng
    adaw0ng Member Posts: 671

    At that point just bring personal offerings for yourself mate