Can you hit Overcharge + Unnerving Presence skillcheck?

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Can you hit Overcharge + Unnerving Presence skillcheck? 23 votes

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Maybe if I'm focused
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  • CorvusCorax86
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    I don't think they stack?

    Unnerving affects the normal checks while Overcharge is a sort of great skill check.

    Merciless + Unnerving: Now that is a challenge...

  • TheSingularity
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    Maybe if I'm focused

    It stacks. It's very small.

  • GeneralV
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    Good old Impossible Skill Checks Doctor build.

  • Aurelle
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    As long as it's not against Doctor with backwards skill checks.

  • Xyvielia
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    Yeppers! One of my best consistencies is hitting Greats… Doc’s craziness is no exception, when I’m zoned in. Obviously not EVERY time, but where ppl go for Escape/ Kill streaks, I enjoy great skillcheck streak competitions w myself.

    Used to have several clips of these until I deleted most of my older archived matches. Hit a Merciless while shocked mad once; I got so nervous when it first sprung that most of the SC’s that appeared I’m pretty sure I was hitting miraculously, accidentally😄

    Still, one of those bizarre things that’s kinda legendary-cool that it actually happened and I got to experience it😎

  • Selfpreservated
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    I'm simply unabled to hit overcharge skill checks but unnerving presence actually help while hitting skill checks and actually makes gens fasters since you get frecent skill check wich when hitted correctly gives 1% of gen progression so youre better off by just not running unnerving presence if youre not doctor main

  • Marc_123
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    Maybe if I'm focused

    Sometimes i get them and sometimes i don´t :-)