Based on the old Rank system (1-20). Where were you most of the time?

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You can decide based on whatever role your best at.

Based on the old Rank system (1-20). Where were you most of the time? 19 votes

Brown Ranks (17-20)
Yellow Ranks (13-16)
Nos37 1 vote
Green Ranks (9-12)
CorvusCorax86Depressedlegion 2 votes
Purple Ranks (5-8)
Science_Guyhumanbeing1704Marc_go_soloSmoe 4 votes
Red Ranks (4)
MoonshineAddonsTheSingularity 2 votes
Red Ranks (3)
aeonskul 1 vote
Red Ranks (2)
Red Ranks (1)
xEaSlamitieglitchboiGuiltiisizzlingmario4xni6_Archol123SelfpreservatedTommyDorkelson 9 votes


  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,654
    Purple Ranks (5-8)

    I never played it enough to make it through to the red ranks often enough. Depemds on how much time someone wants to inject into the game.

  • Smoe
    Smoe Member Posts: 2,355
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    Purple Ranks (5-8)

    I tried grinding to top rank, it was absolutely miserable to do as depips weren't capped at rank levels. The new rank system makes it much more bearable with a much better reward than the measly 250K for reaching rank 1 on the old system.

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 929

    stopped playing b4 that continued after that

  • Selfpreservated
    Selfpreservated Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 62
    Red Ranks (1)

    It was a real satisfaction to get to the 13th day of any month and see my progress transformed into bloodpoints

    it was caotic tho, cause all the green ranked would get mixed with red ranks making games get too easy or impossible for those who weren't experimented enough yet there's nothing worse then current mmr system i hope they change it back as it was

  • Science_Guy
    Science_Guy Member Posts: 1,933
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    Purple Ranks (5-8)

    I always purposefully deranked to make sure I stayed out of red ranks. Which is just one reason that system was terrible, lol.

  • humanbeing1704
    humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 8,666
    Purple Ranks (5-8)

    I was consistently rank 5 all the time I only made it to rank 1 like twice