bloodweb auto-buy customizable prioritization


The bloodweb needs a customizable system for it's auto-buy. It really doesn't take that long to learn what survivor and killer items you want, and are actually going to use, and which ones are going to sit in the inventory until the entity herself dies of old age. Certainly by devotion level 1, you've got it down to a science. The game already has a priority system for autobuyto go after perks, why not add a customization option to, at the very least, go after certain groupings? Toolkit and tookit add-ons, bloodpoint offerings, killer add-ons, etc. I'd be great to be able to specify individual items in a list of most to least important for the system, but i'd be happy to just have it grab map and toolkit items amidst all the flashlight bits and map offerings that flood my bloodweb despite me never using them