Which of these Killers M1 attacks would be most painful?

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I neglected Killers that use basic standard attacks. Knives, swords, blades etc.

Which of these Killers M1 attacks would be most painful? 21 votes

Blight's Cane
Wraith's Bell
Huntress Hatchet
sugarycentaur83TommyDorkelson 2 votes
Xenomorph's Tail
HerInfernalMajestykin 2 votes
Billy/Bubba Hammer
ChordycepsGuiltiiOrangeBearBafugaboo 4 votes
Nemesis Punch
GeneralVFridayNightPizzamikewelkTheSingularitySkillfulstoneAstel 6 votes
Plague's Thing She Carries?
OnryosTapeRentalsduygu 2 votes
Deathslinger's Gun
aeonskulMarc_go_soloAlex_fussyDepressedlegion 5 votes


  • TheSingularity
    TheSingularity Member Posts: 1,299
    Nemesis Punch

    Xeno's tail technically isn't an M1, apologies. But we'll keep it on the list anyways.

  • duygu
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    Plague's Thing She Carries?

    it's burning stone

    by the way it is called an incense burner

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    Xenomorph's Tail

    I can imagine the Xenomorph’s tail really hurting when it hits you. Nemesis’ punch is nothing to underestimate either but I think honestly you would just die if you got hit by him even once. I guess the same can be said for Xeno. Idk, it feels like Xeno’s wouldn’t always be instant death but Nemesis’ would.

  • Skillfulstone
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    Nemesis Punch

    I'd rather get pierced/slashed by something huge and bleedout quickly (or somehow be able to stop the bleeding) than getting my organs rearranged and die from internal damage that I can't do anything about XD