Fragrant Tuff Of Hair need to be treated like Huntress Iri hatchet add on.


Make it so you can't use any add ons to help speed up Evil Within. I never understood why you have it taking 200% more evil from 2 to 3 to then allow add ons like J. Myers Memorial work to make it go faster. You made it so iri hatchets on Huntress can not be more then one so make this so you have to stalk the 200% to get teir 3 regardless of add ons.


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    You also now did the same with Pinky Finger on Clown make this add on work the same way by making the 200% mandatory regardless of the other add on.

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    Myers is a bit of a special case, because unlike Iri Head or Pinky Finger, the instant down is a natural part of his power...

    Myers needs a lot of work... He has a whole slew of issues that need addressing: -

    • Improvements across his basekit to get out of his abysmal slow start state.
    • Help once the slow start is over so he's not just a slightly more potent M1 killer.
    • His is the only power that completely turns off after enough time in the game if he hasn't been able to convert it.
    • He needs something done about his instant kill add-ons, only one of which is artificially propping him up. (That's right, he's that bad, that his JMT add-on allowing him to kill a survivor outright... he's still considered weak).

    I love Myers, but on the scale of things that are a problem, trust me, Fragrent Tuff of Hair is pretty low down on his list of to-dos, and tbh, actualyl well balanced in it's current state.