This should be worth gaining a bot

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I don't know how to title this but if a survivor is afk like three crows not moving and such for a good amount of time they should be kicked because it basically screws over their entire team it's not fun having someone basically go AFK all because oh you got a map you don't like or a killer you don't like. Deal with it I hate facing Spirit and Nurse but I still try to face them and map wise it's for mostly killer but I still deal with it.

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    Id be down for this. Would also have the side effect of making it so people who try to kill themselves early could get dced if you leave them alone, and if they specifically follow the killer around to try to get themselves killed for the entire game, well its a valid reason for a report since theyre griefing.

    They want to get out of a match early? Suffer the penalty and give the rest of your team a bot so they at least have a chance.