Please Fix Skillchecks


I'm so tired of hearing a heart beat so i let go of the generator JUST as a skill check appears and bam insta miss it....or when im using a crap med kit and it's about to run out and I have self care so I WANT TO RUN IT OUT AND CONTINUE SELF CARING and a skill check med kit disappears and i stop healing. Miss skill check and scream...please make it IF A SKILL CHECK STARTS, AND I STOP DOING THE TASK...HAVE THE SKILL CHECK STILL POP UP ON MY SCREEN. I WON'T MISS IT.

It's so rage inducing healing near a killer and when I go to stop a skill check ninjas its way in at the last second and I auto miss it and please. It's by far one of the most annoying things I have to deal with and i'm sure others have the misfortune of it as well.