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The Point of Withering Blight

If the cosmetics are available from the store - understanding that it's meant to serve as an arbitrarily specific alternate currency in lieu of iri shards - what makes putrid serum special mechanically? Why not just up shard rates so people could get whatever cosmetics they want?

Separately, why release skins related to putrid serum that're so bereft of optimization that they seem to nearly universally suffer bugs - and so early?

If the 'withering blight' event has nothing to do with the cosmetics (and if we look at things honestly, it doesn't) - what is the point of Withering Blight?


  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    I mean, its kind of obvious about the point of the Withering Blight...

    Halloween is one of the "scariest" times of the year, and as such BHVR would like to celebrate this time of year with an event that can give us an interesting story as well as some new/similar objectives to do...

    Especially since the serums will be in The Rift to gather, it gives us more of an incentive to complete challenges to gather these Serums for 2 free skin choices out of the 5 new skills available, 4 for Killer and 1 for Survivor.

    And they're available in the store right now because a fair bit of people have said that they've wanted to get the skins earlier before the event, and it has something else to do with it... but I honestly forgot that part.

  • ElusivePukka
    ElusivePukka Member Posts: 1,599

    Doesn't really answer the question. The 'lore' reasons make sense, and I didn't question them, but the mechanics and execution have been off-base for pretty much any effective event - there's not much more than that lore separating the 'event' from a typical skin pack. Putrid serum, the skins, they're not unique or mechanically relevant, and as such I'm still asking: what is the point?

    I suppose if the answer is "that's it," okay, sure. Seems a mite disappointing though.

  • Raven014
    Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    I kind of wish they did what they did last year... but what's done is done...