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would spirit fury and enduring be recommended for bubba?


I legitimately don't know what to chose on him to actually try lmao

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  • FireHazard
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    edited October 2019


    Yes, it's highly recommended that you use that perk combo for Bubba. Mainly because if you have the right add-ons (Aka, you use the chainsaw speed boost + Charge speed add-ons, the charge speed add-ons, or both of the chainsaw speed boost add-ons)

    than yes, you should use that perk combo... regardless if you even use those add-on combos. LeatherFace can mind game where and when he'll break the pallet, so you can always direct people to where you want them to go, the same with Billy.

    And, since Bubba struggles a lot especially at Red Ranks, this will help him get an easy chainsaw down/M1 down on an injured Survivor due to The Entity breaking the pallet after two pallets were previously broken, and enduring removing a hefty chunk of stun off the pallet stun overall...

    It's best when using this perk combo to use add-on combos like a standard Knife Scratchs + Primer Bulb/Spark Plugs for an easy chainsaw frenzy after the stun or just a regular M1 on a healthy or injured Survivor.

  • Toxicboii
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    The "Pallet Killer" combo is good on all killers that have low chase potential.

    So Leatherboi definitely can benefit from this. Any killer can benefit from the combo actually.

  • YaiPa
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    Yes, low chase potential and the fact that bubba can’t fake chainsaw like billy, make the combo almost essential.