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3.3.0 Myers tier 1 and Spine Chill

Starr43 Member Posts: 867

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Please tell me that Spine Chill isn’t actually going to counter tier 1 Evil Within Myers. I’m on console and just saw that this was in the PTB.

I used to play Piglette a lot and had some fun with Ghostface but I was running into Dark Sense and Spine Chill so often that I changed them up to basically be out in the open and aggressive. I switched back to Myers build that was specifically made for jump scares and grabs. I go for sneak up grabs and hits and then 99% tier 1, depending on how fast gens are popping I’ll keep trying to sneak up on people for hits and then usually around 2 gens left I like to 99% Evil Within 2 and go from there.

I’ve grabbed a lot of people on their first gen that were using Spine Chill (I personally love SC) because they were either not looking my way or relying too heavily on the perk lighting up early game.

Dark Sense as well might show Myers in tier 1?

Bitter Murmur is one of my favourites early on for the surprise potential.

It’s kind of like a budget scratched mirror build made from perks but has the ability to go into tier 3 if the game goes too fast. I have scratched mirrors but I prefer being able to tier up.


  • Is Spine chill and/or aura perks like Dark Sense going to be able to counter Myers in tier one? Can’t Myers just be left the way he is..