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What the best build for Plague?


Even though I had quite a few times before, I still haven't figured out the best build for her, Do you have any Builds that are effective?

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  • FireHazard
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    perk builds-ish

    I'll keep this short honestly... every-time someone asks for a build I have to make a gigantic guide but those take WAY too much time.

    This is all you need to know, the best build for Plague is Dying Light + Thanatophobia because nobody heals during a Plague match when everyone's injured...

    So you can just capitalize on the action speed reduction and add some other perks on top of that... If you think the team should finish ANY GENERATORS than you can put Ruin and Corrupt Intervention with that to make the match really difficult during the mid to end game (if they even make it there depending on how effective you're in each chase, they may be injured and can't stealth but they'll still be able to loop you like any other M1 Killer.

    If you think Ruin and Corrupt with Dying Light and Thanatophobia is too much, than you can either have just Ruin or Corrupt Intervention, and than the last perk can be Pop Goes the Weasel. Pop Goes the Weasel is very effective at regressing generators by 25% each time you kick it when PGTW is active! And since everyone is a one shot, this perk shines pretty well with this perk build in-general.


    I forgot you could also throw BBQ in there if you don't want to use PGTW.

    add-on combos

    If you want some add-on combos, you should really use one of the two apple add-ons that give you a free corrupt fountain when the game starts, you can save that fountain until everyone is hurt, drink it, than literally one-shot everyone with ease... It's really insane.

    Added with that can just be one of the of the Emetics, mostly Vile Emetic but for standard builds you can just use Infected Emetic which isn't as rare but still effective regardless. Or if you don't want something like that... you can just use the Incensed Ointment which increases your movement speed slightly when holding vile purge, but also moderately decreases the cooldown when you're finished puking.

    At ranks like... Red or Purple, Iridescent Seal and perks centered around the Corrupt Purge are fairly useless since literally nobody heals to avoid being 2 hit shot with something that's almost like being hit by hatchets... but with hardly any cooldown and can hit you at a huge radius...

    So using those is kind of a... use at your own risk or common sense, but it's not recommended by me since they're fairly useless.

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  • Quol
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    Im sure the standard would be Thana/DyingLight/Ruin/BBQ

    Some other goods ones would be Whispers, Corrupt Intervention, PGTW and Surveillance.

  • anarchy753
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    At the moment I'm running:

    Thanatophobia, Dying Light, BBQ and Chilli, Pop Goes the Weasel.

    This was getting me pretty consistent 4ks in red ranks without any add ons.