Question for our survivors.

thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,897

Do you actually care about escaping? Outside of a daily, a challenge, or an adept does it actually matter to you? Personally I couldn't care less. All I want is a fun game with good points. After that escaping is irrelevant to me. Am I alone in this?


  • Kangaroohugs
    Kangaroohugs Member Posts: 38

    Escaping is whatever, as long as I get some decent points and am not tunneling into the ground with 5K points in end game- I'm fine.

  • ShinobuSK
    ShinobuSK Member Posts: 5,279

    Escape is whatever. But fun and a lot of BP is why I keep playing.

    Also this tome had lot of escape challenges in it so I tried to escape much more than I normally would.

  • Anniehere
    Anniehere Member Posts: 1,257

    I don't care either, I'm playing to have fun with other people. my only challenge is to avoid the killer and be better at loops. if i manage to escape it's a bonus.

  • Grandpa_Crack_Pipe
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    Objective #1 is getting my teammates out-- escaping is secondary.

  • Orion
    Orion Member Posts: 21,675

    Yes. Escape or die (literally, those are the only two options).

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,098

    If it felt fun/fair I don't care. The matches where it feels close and killer got 4k it feels like dying was well deserved. I'm one that if killer should've had 4k but let up so everyone would get some points or had rough match I'll give them the kill - especially one that should've had the kill. Sometimes if I have a rough escape challenge I'll take the opportunity to complete it but there's been plenty of times I give kill over completing my challenge. Most pig matches I die trying to boop the snoot. If it's a killer that face camped, worked with teammate, or played for lowest points possible it's not that I'm annoyed I died but the match itself wasn't fun and felt like waste of time. It's why I hate the crown event, the matches just get filled with unfun gameplay and low scores.

  • meatisadelicacy
    meatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920

    I like escaping if I'm camped and tunneled, otherwise, no. I don't have to escape. I like a fun game where everyone gets to play.

  • th3
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    I care about escaping because that's how I can max out my points in survival category. When I don't escape I run the risk of not getting enough bp to make up for the match if I brought in an item/offering/addons.,

  • ChiSoxFan11
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    Escaping is obviously the goal, but it's not necessary. If I have a solid match, play better than I did the game before, and the team does well (and I hopefully pip up with good BP), I'm good.

    I had a recent match where I essentually ran a Bubba for all 5 gens as he mercilessly tunnelled me into the ground and face-camped me after eating a DS. I still got satisfaction because the rest of my team got out because of his tunnelling -- I wore it as a badge of honor, lol.

  • Starr43
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    I’m the type of player that has a tendency to go back to save someone even with Rancor or NOED active especially if I feel I have a decent chance that my life will be traded for theirs. If gens are absolutely flying I’ll leave my gen around 99% and go find the killer so we can maybe have a fun chase. I run bond as well so if someone on death hook is being chased I can take a hit but if taking aggro fails I’ll intentionally take a down to buy another survivor enough time to make it to a safe tile.

    As killer I have absolutely no problems with 4 man escapes if the match was fun but sometimes it can’t be helped and the gens just get blasted and the game is over and done with. Then I wind up feeling like I have to push for a mass slugging or punish delayed unhooks (gens before friends) by returning to the hook in order to whittle it down to a 3 or 2v1 and a 3 gen scenario.

    To be completely honest whenever I’m playing a match of killer and the game was an early slaughter I actually prefer 2 hooking everyone in order to extend the game for more chases then they can all get the gate at the end. I’m not talking about a farming match but more of a courtesy.. you all stay alive, we go on more chases, you win, I win. I understand that’s not for everyone but it beats the hell out of 5 minute map tour simulator.

    I get it though because when I play survivor (mainly solo) I would never expect the person playing killer to do anything other than attempt to murder us all so if someone is taking on a chase I’m going to slam gens to help reward my teammates as best I can.

  • Fog_King
    Fog_King Member Posts: 688

    Outside of the things mentioned and this event, because of the crowns, I don't really care if I survive, as long as I got a good amount of points, really.

  • spirit72
    spirit72 Member Posts: 227

    I like to escape, just because it's the closest thing to 'win' that the game offers for Survivors. But it's not a huge deal, and I won't do it at all costs unless I happen to be doing a challenge for which escape is part of the objective. If not, then I'm largely looking for points I guess, or sticking around to try and help save a late game hook, which I'll do most of the time too, if it's feasible and practical, and the hooked Survivor in question hasn't spent the match being a complete tool.

  • Seanzu
    Seanzu Member Posts: 7,526

    Don't really mind tbh, the only times I hate dying are bugs, tunneling or a monumental screw up from a team mate (like not being saved, an accidental but preventable body block, etc).

  • quirky
    quirky Member Posts: 56

    I will happily die for a killer if they had a good time and I did too.

  • GrimoireWeiss
    GrimoireWeiss Member Posts: 1,452

    My objective is finishing all the gens and getting at least one survivor out, doesn't have to be me...

  • darwinsbrain
    darwinsbrain Member Posts: 99

    I like to escape. Making sure teammates get out too, but we would all rather escape than die.

  • MadLordJack
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    Yes, because there's no other way of getting decent points thanks to the way the game is now played. If I don't escape I get like 14k BP if I'm lucky. 20+k is practically unheard of and is basically me bullying babies.

  • RyD
    RyD Member Posts: 6

    If I had a good/fun game, no not really. But it does gripe me a lot on how much you rank up, even though you die and you had no real presence or control in the match. That is a much worse feeling in the long run.

  • Ivaldi
    Ivaldi Member Posts: 977

    Only reason I care about escaping is because finding decent addons for your items is a struggle when there's over 200 options in the bloodweb.

    I get the whole "You dont need items" thing, but being able to bring a flashlight or something gives another form of gameplay to make matches less boring.

  • DelsKibara
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    Don't really care about escaping. I sometimes would even sacrifice myself to make sure more people get out like some kind of action hero.

    I just want to have fun.

    Which is hard to do when the Killer sometimes just stays on your ass in a dead zone over and over again.

  • adirgeforthedead
    adirgeforthedead Member Posts: 424

    I just care about having a fun match. Escaping is a plus, but not a necessity for me. It's just hard to get fun matches because of the way a good portion of the main Killers play.

  • FrndlyChnswSalzmn
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  • MadmegMain
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    Definitely not! I prioritize totems, hook saves, healing and chest over gens because I would rather get points and have fun than sit on a gen mindlessly . I still will do gens but never as a priority

  • Troman
    Troman Member Posts: 264

    I only care about escaping in Solo. I don't care about BP or piping, I have all the perks I need and I don't care about my current rank. If I had nice chases, tense game, the killer didn't tunnel and I escaped, that's a true victory for me.

  • ThiccBudhha
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    Nah, I do not care at all. I will hook trade with someone using borrowed time to give them a chance because I care so little.

  • Torsti56
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    I like to get hero deaths rather than surviving so I don't mind escaping if game is fun and actionfull

  • Hex_Ignored
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    Not really. I am more focused on getting my archives done while not being a useless teammate. So unless a challenge states I have to escape it is not as important. And even without an archive I of course try to escape but I don't need to in order to have a good game

  • Pilot
    Pilot Member Posts: 1,158

    Fun would be my top priority. Getting my teammates out 2nd and escaping 3rd.

    I wonder what my escape ratio looks like... Probably really awful

  • IlliterateGenocide
    IlliterateGenocide Member Posts: 6,000

    I only escape about ten percent of my games on average ad long as I'm not tunneled or camped I'm fine , I'd rather my teammates escape than me

  • ChurchofPig
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    If the match was fun and I'm not doing one of the things you listed (challenge/ritual/adept), then no I don't care if I live or die. Would it be nice to escape? Of course, that's 5k more bloodpoints I'd have then if I died. The only thing I ask of killers is not to tunnel me to death or camp like their life depends on it and we're good.

  • Artemisha
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    I think survivors are quite altruistic. Most of us gladly die to save some of our partners. Most people commenting here agree on that.

    It's the main objective and not at the same time. If game is fair and funny, I don't give much importance to scape or die.

  • Kate_Main_01
    Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 504

    Escaping is a statistical rarity in red matches (especially for solo survivors). The days of me caring about escaping have long since been beaten out of me. 😂

    Really what I care about is having fun and getting a decent amount of bloodpoints! That is why I will gladly throw myself onto a hook for a struggling Killer if they are playing a good game and my teammates have all escaped or can escape with ease. Or why I'll risk the Borrowed Time rescue for Survivors in the EGC most of the time!

    The only rounds that annoy me are the ones where Killers tunnel me into third hook or when they bring moris and I go from 0 hooks to mori'd (which seems to be happening more and more).

  • LiquidPhat
    LiquidPhat Member Posts: 40

    I don't really care if I escape or not, as long as I had a nice wholesome match without dying the first minute by being tunneled to death, then I'm fine and don't mind dying or sacrificing myself for someone.

  • stikyard
    stikyard Member Posts: 526

    Good plays and good points, challenges, ect.

    Surviving is just a cherry on top.

  • Neamy
    Neamy Member Posts: 359

    For me it's about how many survs I save and then they escape, I've had a few good ones.

  • patchoulisun
    patchoulisun Member Posts: 20

    Don't care if I escape, I just want to feel good about the work I did to help my teammates. 4 tokens of wglf and a decent amount of BP is enough for me.

  • bobateo
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  • Eve13
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    Actually, only one Survivor should escape anyway, as every good or moderately good horror movie shows us. 

    So no, escaping is not important to me if the match was fun and the BP is right in the end. XD

    I'm one of those idiots anyway, who despite NOED or Rancor run again at the end to save a teammate. 

    Although at the moment I'm still missing 4 crowns for the survivors, which I would still like to have. 

  • Squirrel_Thicc
    Squirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 2,677

    As long as I don't die in a bullshit way it doesn't really matter to me.

  • Paina
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    I don't care, I want fun and intense games, that's all.