Are hooks louder or am I going crazy?


Ever since one of the most recent patches, hooks have become REALLY loud. Hooks seem to have always made soft ambient noises when you are near them, but now they seem to have gotten much louder and even "crackle" a bit. I have even gotten the sound of the hook confused for a lit totem being nearby. I swear hooks never used to make this much noise.


  • Phasmamain
    Phasmamain Member Posts: 11,531

    Pallet drops also feel much louder to me now

  • CluelessWanderer
    CluelessWanderer Member Posts: 939

    Hooks sound like afterdeath now lol.

    Whenever I pass them it sounds like someone has just been sacrificed

  • Anti_Alpha
    Anti_Alpha Member Posts: 63

    Yeah, for some reason a few sounds became really loud after the mid-chapter got released.

  • Kees_T
    Kees_T Member Posts: 810

    You're not crazy, everytime a Killer hooks a Survivor on a hook, that hook will keep playing the entity sound thing forever during the trial.

    100% it's a bug.

  • Tricksters_Wife
    Tricksters_Wife Member Posts: 545

    I thought I was crazy too when I thought I kept hearing a lit totem and looking around and not being able to find one. Took me a while to figure out it was the hook just being extra loud but it still gets me to look around for a minute whenever I run by a hook for a totem.