Why can you expect more Altruism from a Killer then from a Survivor


Hello everyone,

this will be a rather pointless post, but its just an observation that I made.

When you are totally crushing the survivor team as a killer, hooking everyone, outplaying them, disrupting their plans, etc. at one point the survivors might just give up. They then t-bag in a certain way that indicated defeat, and you could hearlessly and mercielessly mow them down, but that feels somewhat rought.

Same thing, very often, when I wounded and downed the last survivor, I gave them hatch or carried them over to the exit gate and let them wriggle out. Normally all these players are very thankful in the after game chat and tell you how cool of a killer player you are.

The other way, though, its works far less. If the survivors are totally dominating the game, they 99% of the time just keep up the pressure, go for each and every flashlight/pallet save, swarm you, body block on the way to the hook, sabotage etc. If the killer gives up, he will be flashlight clicked, taunted, t-bagged to no end, sometimes even stalling for the end of the game, essentially taking it hostage.

In my (still rather fresh) 255h with this game (about 4/5 as killer, if not more) I have encountered exactly ONE survivor who acknowledged that I gave a fair game, while still being destroyed by the others, and who then waited at a hook at the EGC. One singel person. Another time, that I will never forget, I downed a survivor during the EGC and carried them to the exit gates, but he wriggled left and right and crawled out, so that I could pick him up. That makes two instances of Altruism towards me, the player behind the killer, vs uncounted humiliating and hurtful attacks at me.

I know that it is an asymetric team game, that fosters a we vs him attitude, but I get the feeling that its somewhat expected to show mercy as a killer in certain situations, while a code of conduct for survivors has never been established. The hight of altruism might be to let the killer hit everyone at the exit gates, but even that is debateble as its more a humiliation ritual.

Just my thoughts and maybe someone of you has something interesting to add to this.

Happy hunting (and surviving) everyone.


  • Sonzaishinai
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    When you play survivor you have 3 teammates.

    As a killer you are all alone. So they are much more likely to reach out to actions that make a friend then the survivors who already have friends.

    Scientifically proven by some dude in a basement

  • WesCravenFan
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    I would love to believe that we are all the same and play the "toxicity is equal on both sides" card, but we all know that is not true.

    Hours and hours of watching footage of SWFs has taught me just how much Survivor Squads love to bully, harass, even send death or sexual assault messages to killer players. They absolutely delight in making the killer as miserable as possible because it is the primary source of entertainment in this game because "doing gens is boring".

    I wish this was not the case, but it is. An overwhelming percentage of the time.

    When I play Killer I am extremely kind. Now I 100% never expect kindness from another Killer. It is not in the job description. But I also do not expect Survivors to rub it in and make it worse. The last time I popped into a Survivor stream they were trying to find the killer and BM him with their flashlights, calling him a "cucklord" nonstop (whatever that means), and getting angry the killer stopped chasing them. I was praying the killer would just open the door himself to start the final countdown, and he did, but not until almost five full minutes of post-generator abuse had gone on.

  • ShinobuSK
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    I have 5x more hours than you and also saw only one survivor do that....so in a sense you are pretty lucky

  • Dino7281
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    This kinda why I think old system was better.

    Yeah, it was better for a killer. Thing is that most killers make it easier when they see that survivors don't keep up.

    I have let survivors reset multiple times, so game is more interesting. Survivors just don't do it even tho it would be pretty easy, just always do bones which is win win imo, you get more BP and killer gets longer game.

    I have seen two times that survivors gave me free kill, but it was usually always because I was too nice to them during game.

  • Myla
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    Most survivors never touched killer or haven't reached High MMR to understand their pain. And the we vs him attitude is out in full display if you join random SWF discord lobbies. It's just a massive circle jerk on hating the killer and the amount of joy they get from bullying the killer is bizzare. If you'd ever watch any Toxic streamer swf on Youtube it's basically that experience and it's surreal being in that kind of lobby first hand

    The code of conduct thing is very weird too. You'd get looked down on playing a certain way, a certain killer, certain perks , etc even by your fellow Killer mates and I'd never had anything similar playing as a Survivor.

  • Clevite
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    I honestly do this every game. I don't survive anymore. I do all I can in game to help my teammates, then I give myself up.

    Keeps my games chill. And I'd say 90% of killers take the kill, which is different than responses I heard on the forums.

    The only time I escape now, is if killer carries me to an open gate, as they don't want the kill.

    Or if my team works their asses off to save me against a camper, seems rude to just go back in after that.

    But other than that, I'm only 2 hooking and enjoying chases.

  • Dino7281
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  • burt0r
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    I made a thread about survivor mercy back in April and the general consensus is that it is rather unlikely to get a mercy sacrifice after getting stomped.

    Funny enough at the same evening i had a streamer do exactly that after her swf completely destroyed me and she remained even after trying to carry her to the gate several times.

  • OldHunterLight
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    Don't worry, I have 3k more hours than you and I have only played against like 10 survivors who are actually very nice, some even friend requested me.

    See I don't want to make this a me vs them comment but we are going there, usually survivors see the killer as a joke but if the killer does anything that can make them unhappy even if it is the teammate they will complain to the killer.

    One thing that I've started doing, if the survivors play fun I type gg if the survivors are boring I just go next asap, no need to waste time typing anything since usually they will complain regardless.

  • chargernick85
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    I have been playing since slinger and I agree with your post......I have had more than one though but its rare compared to how much I allow my curb stomped opponents mercy. I will say most of my friends who play DBD are survivors I have killed so there are good ones out there for sure.

  • Tr1nity
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    Was the guy who let you kill them a Dwight?

    And were you a hag?

  • Underdawg
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    This forum is heavily "killer-sided" so you're probably not going to get much from a survivor's POV. I'll give it a shot.

    As someone who splits time as Killer and Survivor (although these days I play 70% survivor), I will say that when I play Survivor and we are destroying the Killer, I feel bad. That's because I can empathize with the Killer. I've been there. I had a Doctor game the other day where I felt like it was a baby Doc. The guy couldn't catch a break. He got spun easily. He swung way too early and way too often. I was in a 2 person SWF with a buddy of mine, but the other 2 randos were enjoying humiliating this guy. Once we finished all of the gens, I pointed at a hook near the gate and let him hook me. My buddy knew what I was doing and just left, but the other rando tried to save me. I let myself get rehooked. A lot of Survivor mains can't understand that line of thinking because they don't play Killer and can only remember the games against Killers who showed them no mercy.

    Another issue here is that most people will tell you they play for "fun" - and that fun usually comes at the expense of the other side. Killers and Survivors alike say the same thing: "Well the other side isn't thinking about my fun". Which is often true. When you watch famous Killer streamers, you're led to believe that "fun" is killing all of the survivors. This is an extremely high bar to set for fun, and a lot of players destroy their own mental health by doing everything they can to achieve that goal - including behavior that most Survivors don't find "fun". When you watch famous Survivor streamers, you're led to believe that "fun" is embarrassing the Killer. This is the content that is usually entertaining.